Dr Oz: Chromium-6, Perchlorate, Lead & Arsenic in Tap Water Cause Cancer


Dr Oz did a segment called Is Your Water Causing Cancer?  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Patricia Meinhardt and Dr Thomas Burke to discuss Chemicals In Your Tap Water.  Do you know if your tap water has Chromium-6, Perchlorate, Lead or Arsenic?  Do you know the effects of these chemicals on the human body?  This article is crucial to share with all of your friends and family, because only we can make a difference by demanding that our local water company and government provide safe water!

Dr Oz Tap Water Test

Dr Oz took samples of water from kitchens all across the country to check for toxic chemicals like arsenic, lead and Chromium-6 which causes cancer.  Only recently did theDr Oz Water government begin to worry about regulating Perchlorate which is found in rocket fuel and occurs in 26 states.  The government is currently only regulating 114 chemical substance of the tens of thousands of chemicals that are present.  Dr Oz sent Water Testing Kits to families in 19 cities including Houston, Salt Lake City, Pensacola, Pittsburgh, Wichita Falls, Omaha and Riverside, California.  Each water sample was sent to Suburban Water Labs to be analyzed.

Dr Oz: Chemicals In Your Tap Water

Dr Patricia Meinhardt studies water-related pollution and disease, is an environmental medicine specialist and an Epidemiologist.  Dr Thomas Burke is the former NJ Deputy Health Commissioner, the Associate Dean of John Hopkins School of Public Health and studied the impact of industrial pollution on health.  Here is what they told Dr Oz about Chromium-6, Perchlorate, Lead and Arsenic in our Tap Water.

Dr Oz: Chromium-6 In Tap Water

Dr Oz said that the EPA just announced that they are taking action to test for Chromium-6 in drinking water.  Dr Meinhardt said that Chromium-6 is different than the chromium found in vitamin supplements.  Chromium-6 causes cancer when inhaled through the air, and new information shows that it can cause cancer probably when ingested through water as well.  Chromium-6 has gotten into our drinking water supply through steel mills, leather tanning and pulp mills – and once it gets in it is hard to get it out of our water.  Chromium Pollution can lead to Chromium Poisoning which leads to Kidney Disease, Liver Damage, Leukemia, Intestinal Cancer and Mouth Tumors.  Dr Burke said that nobody used to realize how dangerous Chromium-6 was in our water and that his wife actually learned to ice skate on yellow ice that was yellow from the Chromium-6.  He said that it is a tough regulatory environment because it costs a lot to clean up the Chromium-6 and there were lots of arguments about whether it is harmful enough to worry about or not, but we are moving forward finally.

Dr Oz: Norman Oklahoma Water Sample

Dr Oz did a water sample from Norman, Oklahoma and found it has 58 ppb (parts per billion) of Chromium-6 which is 1000 times higher than the legal limit in California.  Norman, Oklahoma has a high level of Chromium-6, so if you live there, definitely look into this.  Apparently, the city mayor of Norman is on top of this and has technical advisers coming in and trying to fix this issue.

Dr Oz: Lead & Arsenic In Tap Water

Dr Oz said that heavy metals like Lead and Arsenic are sometimes found in Tap Water from sources like paint, animal feed and dye.  Lead and Arsenic can cause Bladder Cancer, Liver Cancer, Paralysis and Nerve Damage.  Arsenic occurs naturally in the earth’s crust, especially in wells in the western part of the country.  Lead tends to come from the plumbing in our homes.  Dr Oz’s water test for a lady in Pittsburgh found .003 ppb of Lead in their Tap Water, which is safe but the EPA wants that number to be 0.  Dr Oz said that good enough and ideal are not the same thing.  Long term exposure to lead is not going to lead to obvious problems, but it could cause memory issues or make your blood pressure go up a little bit.  Here are four action items to make sure your drinking water is safe:


  1. Yvonne Morrison says

    Attn: To whom it may concern,
    I am asking you, please just hear me out and consider all the possibilities before you just toss this out! Consult an Organic/Astro Chemist if necessary because what im about to say, to most, sounds almost to science fiction to be true.
    I have found, what I believe to be, a Gammaproteobacteria that can live in any environment. Fresh water, brackish and marine. I am at a facility that has all these environments available for we are saltwater clownfish breeders. We keep micro cultures and preserved phytoplankton.
    This bacterium seems to thrive most when it is in its microscopic stage where we are recently having problems keeping our brackish water Rotifers alive. I have witnessed on the microscope these organisms claim dominancy. They kill the cultures, and I believe the fish as well. We have multiple tanks all tied into the same filtration and only the fish we seem to move will get infected.
    This is because when you move a fish it causes stress to that fish. Stress alone will kill a fish, this I know, but weve been doing this for 30 years experience in the business and never lost all the fish, all the time! Everyone that handles fish will tell you that a stressed fish is a compromised immunity to disease. Compromised is enough for this bacteria to target these particular fish in a system with many others all in the same water!
    Now this is where my research has come to haunt me: About a month ago, my Mom was telling me about the Meteorite Men, show on TV and to watch out for Meteorites in this area. She told me next time im walking around in the country to bring a magnet and if something sticks, outside of a iron based mineral, it could be one!
    Well I did, found a whole road full of dull black rocks that stuck! I thought well it cant be a road made out of meteorites, that’s ridiculous. Blew it off and went on. Well just recently after discovering this microorganism that was able to live in any environment, I found a link from a water contamination site to NASA about arsenic bacteria. Followed the link and the arsenic photo on the computer looked like an exact replica of what was right up the road!
    Anyways, NASA claimed to find a species in California Lake that had the capabilities of any environment, even Mars! It is resistant to arsenic, in fact uses it in its DNA. Looking at a microphotoscopic image of it, my jaw almost hit the floor in shock! There it was, just what I have been seeing on the microscope!
    I may be wrong, and I considered this considering that there are thousands of micro species that look very much the same. I thought, well it lives in all the environments (all others do not because of osmotic shock!) and all the sickness around here with the people flooding the hospitals; to the dogs, cat, fish and rotifers. All having the same symptoms of this bacteria dose to lowered immunities (which all came at the same time of the high Chromium 6 levels which lowers the immune system) Then its “Not” impossible!
    Well, I thought that this would be big news, I better call the DEQ and tell them right away! All I got was the run around, was told that there is no way they can test these rocks to see if they were in fact arsenic or not. Same with the Chromium, that they could not determine weather it was chromium 3 or 6.
    Really like it would matter! Even the non toxic 3 is harmful. Locals who pour bleach down their well house on a regular basis around here to make it “So called Safe” to drink. Not knowing that Chlorine (Bleach) converts all chromium 3 to chromium 6 (Hexavalent) are now susceptible to this other bacteria to infect them where otherwise probably would not!
    Everyone I have talked to at the city offices thinks im some wild one trying to write the next sci-fi movie, but there has been no one to prove it otherwise. In fact I have had someone in the Water Quality Department agree with me but have not heard back. They in fact told me that I was lied to by the DEQ, they could in fact test my evidence I offered and to take my complaint to Kris Steele, House of Rep. who I have left a message to as well.
    Just yesterday, I drove to that road that these rocks are down and come to find out, there has just been a couple feet of new gravel laid down. If im not mistaken, it appears that they are ready to pave over it! I never told them the road, its in the middle of nowhere! This could be just a coincidence just a couple days after my first complaint; they decide to fix a road in the middle of nowhere? I even found large chunks of glass with thickness thicker than most glass products.
    So Arsenic is a by product of glass smelters, that’s funny, there is a glass company not too far from here. Now why am I seeing the city of Oklahoma public works out in Cleveland county? Why are they looking at me funny, what are they doing down the road just sitting in there car in eye sight of me? Didn’t know this was their jurisdiction?
    Cover up for Arsenic contamination; other countries used this bacteria. Some worked, most not depending on climate such as ph values and elemental values such as sand stone. Acidic conditions have shown Chromium levels rise as well. Bi product from the highly oxidized state and biological demand causing bottom ground level contaminates to rise.
    Cancer and disease, to eventually death in these places of the same problems have been determined factual by to government officials! Everyone with the same symptoms of gastrointestinal, skin lessons, cancer, flu like symptoms, respitory problems, watery eyes, blood and mucus in the stool. No one had a test done at the hospital, myself and others were denied a test, we were given a stamp and sent on our ways with some thing to ease the pain.
    Some of us were given antibiotics, now that seemed to help. Antibiotics that even were used to treat Anthrax patients were a great relief! I’ve never heard of a flu that was made better with antibiotics but sure it seemed to work. People blew it off as the water conditions seemed to improve. Only because now their immune systems weren’t no longer being compromised and figured the doctors just must have been right!
    That’s all great for the areas where there is water treatment, but what about the places where people are on wells? What was I reading about a report where we would have to all get vaccinated if ever infected by the organism? Wow, a whole city this large would cost,,,, Billions!!!!
    I would imagine how someone like me could be called a whack job! If they answered any of my questions without lying, well they would all loose their jobs and be sued by the thousand who went into the hospital and infected with a organism that can possibly still stay dormant in host for years!

  2. Keith Castello says

    Hello, I loved the 3 shows about the contaminants in the water causing cancer. I educate individuals and families about the water they drink. I believe every home should have a water filtration system. How can I get a copy of these three shows to play on my laptop harddrive. At times places don’t have wi-fi and I can’t show these amazing videos.

    Thanks for your help

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