Dr Oz: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cordyceps & D5 Ribose Sweetener


Doctor Oz did a show on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and covered some very interesting cures for fatigue like D-Ribose and Cordyceps Mycelium.  Dr Oz mentioned that D5-Ribose is a sweetener that is all natural, and has very few calories that our body wants to absorb, which was exciting to me even if it did nothing to fight fatigue!  Dr Oz said that over 20 million women suffer from exhaustion from taking care of kids and elderly parents, plus work on top of all of that.  Deep chronic fatigue is now  medical syndrome – a global energy crisis that effects over 200 million people worldwide.  How do you know if you are just tired versus exhaustion?  Dr Oz said exhaustion is when you cannot keep your eyes open, one nights sleep is not enough to make you feel well rested, you nod off at work, and no amount of sleep takes away your sluggishness.  Exhaustion can cause things like weight gain, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart disease.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


  1. Debbie luchese says

    My mother has been struggling with chronic fatigue for many years. She is at a loss. Is there any other suggestions for a woman in her 80’s?

    She is very healthy otherwise.

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