Dr Oz: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cordyceps & D5 Ribose Sweetener

By on June 10, 2010

Doctor Oz did a show on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and covered some very interesting cures for fatigue like D-Ribose and Cordyceps Mycelium.  Dr Oz mentioned that D5-Ribose is a sweetener that is all natural, and has very few calories that our body wants to absorb, which was exciting to me even if it did nothing to fight fatigue!  Dr Oz said that over 20 million women suffer from exhaustion from taking care of kids and elderly parents, plus work on top of all of that.  Deep chronic fatigue is now  medical syndrome – a global energy crisis that effects over 200 million people worldwide.  How do you know if you are just tired versus exhaustion?  Dr Oz said exhaustion is when you cannot keep your eyes open, one nights sleep is not enough to make you feel well rested, you nod off at work, and no amount of sleep takes away your sluggishness.  Exhaustion can cause things like weight gain, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart disease.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr Oz was joined by Jacob Teitelbaum to discuss Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Teitelbaum said that if you cannot sleep, even though you are exhausted, this is a sign of exhaustion.  Now I could swear on the Dr Oz commercials I heard that Dr Oz was going to give his Five Secret Reasons You Are Tired… but I only heard Dr Oz mention two: Anemia and Hypothyroidism.  If you heard any others, please leave a comment below and correct me!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cause: Anemia

Anemia is when you have a sparse number of red blood cells, so you do not have enough “trucks” (as Dr Oz calls them) to carry oxygen and energy to your cells.  Symptoms of Anemia include dizziness, sensitivity to cold, and being pale in color.

Anemia Eyelid Test

Dr Oz gave a great tip to check if you have Anemia.  Pull your lower eyelid down and the inside should be a pink color if you are not anemic.

Anemia Cures – Iron Skillet

If you do have Anemia, make sure to get enough Folic Acid and follate, vitamin B12 (which helps your body to absorb vitamins), spinach, broccoli and red meat all have iron in them.  Rather than taking iron supplements, which can make you constipated, you can cook your food in an iron skillet, because some of the iron gets transferred from the pan into your food.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cause: Hypothyroidism

Dr Oz said that 17% of women have Thyroid issues and most do not know it.  Dr Oz showed that if you start at the base of your neck and go up a few inches and then feel behind the muscle with your fingers, you can feel the thyroid gland when you swallow.  If you have Hypothyroidism, then the thyroid hormone coming from your thyroid gland may be getting killed off by your immune system.  Hormone replacement therapy can help with Hypothyroidism.

Magnesium for Energy

Dr Oz said that we need Magnesium in order to convert food into energy.  You need about 320 mg of magnesium, so 2 servings of pumpkin seeds or spinach will give you enough magnesium.

Cordyceps Mycelium for Fatigue

Cordyceps helps you to balance the stress handler.  If you get irritable when you are hungry, you should try taking cordyceps and vitamin C.  I was intrigued by this concept, because my husband can tell you, I become extremely cranky when I need to eat.  From the research I have done, it looks like it is best to take 3000 mg of Cordyceps a day (divided into two doses).  I am going to look for an organic Cordyceps that does not have GMO, heavy metals or pesticides, especially since heavy metals can cause chronic fatigue!

D-Ribose Sweetener for Fatigue & Energy

D-Ribose can be used in its powder form as an artificial sweetener in tea for example, and your body does not absorb the calories very well, plus its an all natural artificial sweetener – so excited to try out D-Ribose in my tea!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cordyceps & D5 Ribose Sweetener

  1. Debbie luchese says:

    My mother has been struggling with chronic fatigue for many years. She is at a loss. Is there any other suggestions for a woman in her 80’s?

    She is very healthy otherwise.

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