Dr Oz: Chronic Inflammation & C-Reactive Protein Test (CRP Test)

By on October 18, 2010

Chronic Inflammation is something Dr Oz speaks about all the time, but if you cannot see it or feel, what can you do to know if it is there?  Chronic Inflammation can go undetected for months or even years, all the time spreading disease and causing things like heart attacks, stroke and cancer.  So how do you spot Chronic Inflammation and how do you attack it? Dr Oz CRP Test

What is Chronic Inflammation?

Doctor Oz said that Chronic Inflammation occurs when your immune system goes haywire and ignites itself when it should not, or when your immune system is turned on to heal an infection but then never turns back off.  If your immune system stays on for prolonged periods of time, it can attack your joints, tissue and blood vessels causing things like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Asthma.  Dr Oz said that Chronic Inflammation can eventually lead to Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Alzheimers Disease..

Dr Oz explained that when you get a cut on your finger for example, your body’s immune system gets turned on to fight off the infection.  But what happens after the would heals if your immune system does not turn off?  Then you can get chronic inflammation because your body cannot decide whether to be upset or not.  When your immune system does not find any infection to attack, it begins to attack your own healthy body parts.

What Causes Chronic Inflammation?

Dr Oz said that fat causes Chronic Inflammation.  Even just one high fat meal can give you inflammation in your body.  Dr Oz did a test on a woman who looked pretty healthy.  He tested the woman’s blood before she ate anything, and her levels were totally fine.  Then Dr Oz gave her a high fat meal with pizza, burgers, ice cream and french fries (do not try this experiment at home!).  Dr Oz then did another blood test after eating the 900 calorie high fat meal, and her triglycerides level increased 40% from that one meal!

C-Reactive Protein Test or CRP Test

How do you know if you have Chronic Inflammation?  Dr Oz said there is a test called the C-Reactive Protein Test or CRP Test that can help show you your Chronic Inflammation levels.  As your inflammation increases, your C-Reactive Protein levels also increase.  Dr Oz said the CRP Test can help predict if you are at a high risk for having a heart attack.

CRP Test Results

Dr Oz gave the following list as a way to interpret your CRP Test Results:

Low CRP: 1 mg/dl or less

Average CRP: 1-3 mg/dl

High CRP: Over 3 mg/dl

Dr Oz said that if you have high CRP levels, then your chance of having a heart attack is twice as high.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Chronic Inflammation & C-Reactive Protein Test (CRP Test)

  1. Dr. Oz has a fabulous way of explaining things that help people to understand even the most complex medical conditions. Chronic inflammation affects millions of people whether they know it or not. There are many things that will help prevent it – mainly food and diet.

  2. Danilo De Franco says:

    Dr. Oz, felicitaciones por su excelente programa cuyos ejes son la prevención de la enfermedad y la promoción de la salud en una forma entendible para todo el público. Ojalá hubiesen mas programas de este tipo en la televisión local nuestra.
    Dr. Danilo A. De Franco, Salubrista Público, San José, Costa Rica

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