Dr Oz: Circumcision Ban in San Francisco: Circumcision & STD’s


Dr Oz did a show called The Pulse where he covers the hottest headlines in health.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Janet Taylor, Dr Donnica Moore and Dr Corey Hebert to discuss all of these hot health news topics. Dr Oz The Circumcision Ban

Dr Oz: Circumcision Ban

Dr Oz said that the male circumcision is often called the unkindest cut and is the most controversial thing done to baby boys.  In San Francisco, it could soon become a misdemeanor to give a boy a circumcision, because they are voting on Banning Circumcision since they thing it is mutilation.  Dr Oz said that only 33% of parents gave their baby boy a circumcision last year, so in many ways, people are already deciding that they do not want to circumcise their boys.

Dr Oz: Circumcision Minimizes Risk of STD’s

Dr Oz said that there are health risks of being uncircumcised.  Bacteria and viruses can get in and stay stuck in the nooks and crannies of the foreskin.  If you remove the foreskin, then viruses cannot get stuck in there.


  1. says

    The unofficial 33% US circumcision rate comes from data collected by a company that handles insurance e-claims from only 21% of US hospitals. The CDC won’t even vouch for the accuracy (hence it is unofficial). Obtaining the data using this method is completely different than for previous circumcision rate studies, primarily because this was not a study to determine the circumcision rate, but rather for adverse effect rates.

    It is very likely that the rate will be much higher if insurance e-claims from all US hospitals are counted. Then count circumcisions performed in private Drs offices & clinics, parents paying cash (no insurance) and bris performed by rabbi/mohels. After all that, the circumcision rate will be much more accurate.

  2. Jake says

    I have a question for all of you who are for the Circumcision Ban. Are you also against abortion? Because it seems much worse to me to allow people to kill entire babies than it is to allow people to circumcise a baby. If abortion is legal then circumcision should be legal, because the choice to circumcise is much less damaging to a baby than the choice to abort it – don’t you think? So maybe America should focus on restricting people from killing babies rather than on restricting people from circumcising living babies.

  3. says

    I have never been cut and when I was young the Dr. taught me how to keep myself clean and safe when I was of about 8 yearsa old. It is so easy and cost nothing and you also can not detect it if you follow the way he taught me. By the way he was Jewish and if more people knew this trick it wouod save a lot of pain and clear up many myths. I owe my doctor a lot and am over 60 now and never had any trouble. – ED

  4. says

    This segment was woeful. It was completely ladened with all the mindless stereotypes like “cleaner,” “looking like Daddy” and families (not individual) having the say of whether circumcision is carried out. What about body rights and human rights? Dr. Oz really bombed on this with his thoughtless demonstration. His was obsessed with disease and said nothing about the nerves, arteries/veins, and other structures of the sophisicated foreskin. He conveyed that the foreskin is throwaway tissue. The most disgusting aspect was all the talk about women getting diseases. With 80 percent of the world’s males intact, why hasn’t disease killed off the race or cause massive circumcision? You three medical people were all pro-circ. Shame on you. How many baby boys will now be violated in the coming months and years because of your one-sided presentation? We parents and grandparents who have left our sons whole grieve for babies being cut because of the misinformation that Dr. Oz & Co. perpetuate. Circumcision is perverse, cruel and perpetuated by a billion-dollar circumcising industry.

  5. carolyn says

    dr.oz had a show on and was talking about face clean ,and the product sandalwood bark.and i want to no ware i can buy it

  6. Frank says

    The statement that circumcision rates nationally have fallen from 2/3rds to 1/3rd are not true. In the West however, circ rates for 2009 were WA-15%, OR-24%, CA-22%, NV-13% and AZ-20%. FL was 36%, IL-59%, NY-59%, NC-54%, TX-49% and UT-46%. Most other states with government statistics available were much higher. AR-66%, CO-64%, CT-73%, GA-72%, HI-78%, IN-83%, KS-77%, KY-84%, ME-66%, MA-66%, MI-85%, MN-63%, MO-76%, NE-83%, NH-76%, NJ66%, OH-84%, OK-76%, PA-83%, RI-75%, SC-81%, SD-77%, TN-76%, VT-64%, VA-76%, WV-76%, WI-82% and WY-79%.
    In 2006 in California, the white rate was37% (32% of babies born), black was28%, Hispanic was only 9%, representing 48% of babies born that year, Asians at 30%. Private insurance covered 48% of babies born that year and a 40% circ rate, while Medicaid covered 47% of births and a mere 4% circ rate. This is a state where about ten percent of Americans live, affecting the national rate heavily. Keep in mind that the official statistics show only babies circ’d at the hospital at birth, only those coded correctly, and do not reflect an estimated 5% to 10% or more of boys circ’d after birth and during later childhood for religious, medical and non-medical reasons.
    The overall national rate is still about 56%, offically. More babies go home first and get it later, so at least that high!

  7. Chasity says

    I am very disappointed in all the misinformation Dr. OZ is spreading around. I will no longer be watching anything with him on it. He is definitely not a real doctor. He has no idea what the hell he is talking about. There is no medical benefit to circumcision. Period end of story. This surgery is a what I would consider a cosmetic one. No medical organization even supports the practice. As for UTI, STDs, and HPV arguments, I have to say if you know anything about any of them you will know the evidence is weak at best.

    My daughter gets utis should I circumcise her?

    I am leaving my boy intact and it is because of the research my husband and I have done. Hours and hours of reading. Not some wanna be doctor on tv that has no clue what the hell he is talking about. Dr. Oz I think your information is wrong and bias.

  8. Kate Dolan says




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