Dr Oz: Citrus Fights Cellulite, Asparagus for Bloated Belly & More Food Fixes

By on November 9, 2011

Dr Oz: Food Remedies with Kristin Kirkpatrick

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced, Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD, to give his Dr Oz Fans the quick and easy food fixes to their biggest body complaints.

Dr Oz: Swiss Chard for Brittle Nails

Problem: Brittle Nails Dr Oz Food Remedies

Lisa, an audience member, complained that her nails were brittle and broke easily.  Lisa has tried lengtheners and wore acrylic nails and since she’s taken off the faux nails, her natural nails have gotten worse.

Food Fix Solution: Swiss Chard because it is full of biotens.  Eat ½ cup of Swiss Chard 3 times per week to help strengthen and harden nails.

Dr Oz: Papaya Fights Cellulite

Problem: Cellulite on the thighs

Toni, an audience member, lost 30 lbs but still had cellulite in the thigh area.  Toni lifted her skirt and actually showed her cellulite to Dr Oz.  (Do they give medals for that?)  Toni has tried lotions, patches, and creams.  She was a swimmer and felt self-conscious.  Toni also stated that she never wore bare legs.

Food Fix Solution: Kristin and Dr Oz noted that, for cellulite, there is no quick fix.  To help with cellulite, take more Vitamin C, which is found in the fruit, papaya.  Vitamin C generates more collagen and helps to prevent wrinkles.  ½ cup of papaya will give you the total allotment of Vitamin C.

Dr Oz: Asparagus for Bloated Belly

Problem: Bloated Belly

Diane hated her bloated belly.  Often times, she had to unbutton her pants to breathe.  (Been there, done that!)  Diane has tried crunches but they didn’t work.  Diana stated that she felt bloated by mid-day and by the evening, she felt uncomfortable.

Food Fix Solution: Asparagus is a bloat buster as well as a natural diuretic.  Eat ½ cup of asparagus during lunch to feel less bloated in the evening.  (It takes a few hours to de-bloat.)

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