Dr Oz: Citrus Foot Bath, Red Wine Facial & Eyebrow Threading

Dr Oz did a segment on his favorite beauty treatments from around the nation.  Doctor Oz’s Over 40 Alternative Treatments come from Florida, New York City and California and treat everything from the fine lines on your face with Red Wine Facials to dry feet with the Florida Citrus Foot Bath! Dr Oz Over 40 Alternative Treatments

Dr Oz Red Wine Facial

Dr Oz said that California is famous for wine and its 3,000 wineries make 630 million gallons of wine every year.  The antioxidants in red wine increase the good cholesterol in your body while decreasing possible cancers.  But Dr Oz said that red wine is not just good for the inside of your body!  The polyphenols found in red wine can help reverse aging.  These polyphenols are found in the pigments of the grape, which give the grapes their color, and they help the elastic property of your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Here is the full recipe for the Red Wine Face Mask, made of yogurt, honey and red wine.

Dr Oz: Eyebrow Threading

Dr Oz spoke about a new hair removal technique called Eyebrow Threading, which can remove your hair and shape your eyebrows without using chemicals – it just uses a thread.  Threading is the most natural way of doing hair removal, and it is much better for your skin.  Dr Oz said that Eyebrow Threading is popular in Turkey.  Also, threading is supposed to last longer than tweezing, while making you less prone for getting ingrown hairs.  Do you have a favorite place for getting your eyebrows threaded?  Please leave suggestions in the comment section below!

Dr Oz: Florida Citrus Foot Bath

Dr Oz said that in the sunshine State of Florida, they have found that the orange essence in their potent oranges have a calming effect on the skin that helps to soothe and restore your feet.  Just put your feet in some warm water, add some cut up lemons and oranges, a few drops of lemon essential oil, a cup or so of sea salt and a few squirts of lemon moisturizing lotion.  The lemon essential oil is an antiseptic, which kills bacteria, plus it helps to calm the skin.  The sea salt exfoliates your skin, and the lemon moisturizing lotion of course moisturizes your skin.


  1. Mary Small says

    Did you receive any comments on the knee plunger that Peggy Brill used? I was personally amazed to see her do it, and it has helped my husband’s knee with just a few times. I did not get the info on how to use it and would like to find out more about it. Please forward me any comments or information about using the knee plunger! I have alot of friends who have just had k,nee replacements and some are o.k., others are in much pain. If doing this can keep one from a replacement, how worth it!!

  2. says

    Hi Mary! I have heard from some readers that the knee plunger has been working well for them. Definitely keep us posted with how it works for your husband too!

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