Dr Oz: Clean Washing Machine With Bleach & Microwave Sponges

Dr Oz: How To Kill Germs

Dr Oz played a game called What Would Dr Oz Do: Germ Edition to teach us how to kill germs and keep our families and home safe.  Germs are hiding everywhere from your door knobs, to your kitchen sink, to your kitchen sponges to your washing machine.  Do you know the best way to disinfect a sponge?  And do you know how to clean your washing machine to get rid of the bacteria that can collect in just a month?

Dr Oz: Microwave Sponge To Kill Bacteria

Doctor Oz said that your kitchen sponge is a major source for germs.  Do you know which is the best way to disinfect a sponge: microwave it for one Dr Oz Bleach Washing Machineminutes, soak the sponge in lemon juice, or rinse the sponge with vinegar?  The answer is that you should microwave a moist sponge for one minute, because that is a great way to kill bacteria like E-Coli.  But a few words of caution – make sure you make the sponge wet first and that there is no metal in the sponge.  Also, keep a close eye on the sponge and do not warm it up for more than a minute, because you can actually burn the sponge (unfortunately, I know this from personal experience!).

Dr Oz: Bleach Cleans Washing Machine

Dr Oz said that studies have found that washing machines are filled with bacteria like E-Coli and Staph Infections.  What is the best way to clean your washing machine: run an empty cycle with liquid bleach?  Run an empty cycle with 1 cup of baking soda?  Or clean out the inside with an anti-bacterial spray?  Doctor Oz said that the best thing to do is to run an empty cycle with liquid bleach.  Add one quart of bleach to a normal cycle (with no clothes in it!) and let it run to completion.  The bleach will kill all of the bacteria and leave you with a fresh washing machine!

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