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Dr Oz: Home Remedies

By on September 29, 2011

Dr Oz:  How to Climb the Natural Beauty Pyramid  cucumber

With a little help from members of his audience, Dr Oz showed his fans how to climb the natural beauty pyramid.  Dr Oz assured everyone that this would not cost a lot of money and that virtually everything they would need could be found within their kitchen and bathroom pantries.  However, he said these very items found in your home were probably never before used for beauty purposes.

To teach everyone about how to use their household items for beauty purposes, Dr Oz got a little help from two audience members that happened to be sisters.  He called on the remainder of the audience to play along as he asked the questions pertaining to beauty remedies.  Each sister had a paddle to hold up.  One sister’s paddle had an “A,” while the other sister’s paddle was marked with a “B.”  The two answers for each question were marked “A” and “B.”

Dr Oz first asked, “What is a natural beauty remedy for nail discoloration?”  The two choices were either baking soda with lemon or coconut oil.  One sister picked baking soda with lemon, and the other chose the coconut oil.  The correct answer was baking soda with lemon.  The acidic properties of the lemon and abrasion properties of the baking soda help to remove the discoloration.  However, the coconut oil only softens the nails and does not help with discoloration at all.

Next, Doctor Oz asked, “What is a natural remedy for oily hair?”  The two possible answers were either apple cider vinegar or a ginger conditioner.  Both sisters chose apple cider vinegar.  They were both correct.  Apple cider vinegar balances the Ph of the hair which maintaining the natural oils of the hair.  Any type of conditioner would be too much moisturizer.

The last question was, “What is a natural beauty remedy that can heal flaky dry lips?”  The two possible choices were cucumber or witch hazel.  Both sisters picked cucumber.  The correct answer was cucumber, because it is 96% water which acts as an astringent.

Dr Oz was able to turn everyday household items into very helpful, natural beauty remedies.

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