Dr Oz: Clinique Eye Serum, Olay Pro X & L’Oreal Revitalift

Dr Oz discussed Anti-Aging products from drugstores: which one really work and are worth spending the money on?  And which are just a waste of money?  Doctor Oz revealed three products that he recommends in his game “Spend or Save.”  He has been doing a lot of segment on beauty products and beauty advice, which I absolutely love learning about! Dr Oz Drugstore Anti-Aging Product Review

Dr Oz: Caffeine Anti-Aging Products

Dr Oz said that you should buy anti-aging products with caffeine in them, because the caffeine helps to tighten up your blood vessels as well as to reduce puffiness.  The product that Dr Oz suggested was Clinique All About Eyes Serum.

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Toners

Dr Oz said that you should not waste your money on Anti-Aging Toners because they can actually cause irritation.  Instead, use something with Retinol in it to smooth out fine lines and age spots.  Dr Oz suggested L’Oreal Revitalift Complete Eye Cream, which costs $17.

Dr Oz: Niacinamide Anti-Aging Products

Dr Oz said that Niacinamide claims to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and he agrees that it does in fact work!  Niacinamide is part of the Vitamin B Complex of Niacin, which helps to build your skin’s moisture barrier.  It also increases the fat layer in your skin so that you do not lose much moisture through your skin.  Dr Oz suggested Olay Pro X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, which I too have heard amazing things about!


  1. CINDY K MOSER says

    Wouldn’t it be great if all eye wrinkle creams sold or better yet, gave away samples? … I can’t see spending an arm and a leg on a product that does not work for me. However, it may work just fine for someone else, but how will we know unless we try it for ourselves? Hit and miss seems to keep the greedy cosmetic industry going strong. If they would only put their money where there mouth is…Also, I have an alergy to comestics, so I really need to be careful where I spend my money on make-up products.

  2. Anne says

    Buy your cosmetics and skincare at Walgreens, just hang on to the receipt to return or exchange no problem. They’ll take it back if you have an allergy, it doesn’t work for you, you just don’t like it, wrong color, etc.

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