Dr Oz: Coffee Grind Face Mask & Numbing Gel For Eyebrow Plucking


Dr Oz: One Minute Beauty Miracles

So you don’t have time to get an at-home facial every day, nor do you have the financial resources to head out to some fancy, schmancy spa and have a professional do it for you.  Not to worry.  In this segment, Dr Oz pulled out some unsuspecting audience members and showed his fans how to get a healthy glow in just under a minute.

Dr Oz: Eyebrow Plucking Numbing Gel

One audience member complaint was that she liked the look of plucked eyebrows Dr Oz How To Pluck Eyebrows WIthout Pain but she needed a way to make it hurt less.  No surprise, Dr Oz had the answer in two easy steps.



  1. nancy mccarthy says

    how long will the effects of the mimi face lift last from the mixture of coffee mixed with the olice oil

  2. mani says

    I live in Edmonton-Canada, how can I buy GUM NUMBING GEL, We have not that pomade as it showed on DrOz show here in health food store or pharmacy ,please write to me how can I get in touch and order.


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