Dr Oz: Cold & Flu Remedies: Sesame Oil & Salt Water Gargle

Dr Oz gave 5 Cold & Flu Remedies to fight off sickness this winter… which ones work and which are bogus?  Doctor Oz said that we spend 5 years of our life suffering from colds and flues.  May we all stay cold-free and flu-free this winter season! Dr Oz Flu & Cold Remedies

Dr Oz: Echinacea Cold & Flu Remedy

A lady I used to work with swore by Echinacea.  The second anyone within a 50 foot radius of her would sneeze, she would be tossing them some Echinacea.  Well Dr Oz said that he does not recommend Echinacea for colds or flues because even though initial research seemed to show that it can reduce inflammation, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine said that Echinacea was found to do nothing to prevent you from getting a cold or flu.

Dr Oz: Gargling with Salt Water Cold & Flu Remedy

Dr Oz said that a Salt Water Gargle is recommended and that if you gargle with salt water three times a day, you reduce you chance of upper respiratory infections by 40%.  In case you have never gargled with salt water, you mix 1/2 TB of salt into a glass of lukewarm water.  Put some water in your mouth, tilt your head back, and gargle… but make sure not to swallow the water.  You should spit the water out at the end.  Dr Oz said that Salt Water Gargles help to irrigate the area and work well.  My doctor used to always tell me to do this whenever I had a sore throat.

Dr Oz: Probiotic Yogurt Cold & Flu Remedy

Dr Oz is always recommending probiotic yogurt, because it has many health benefits.  Apparently, yogurt is a cold and flu remedy too!  When you eat yogurt, you get probiotics that repopulate your insides with “good guy” bacteria that defend you against “bad guy” bacteria.  So you take pressure off of your immune system so that it can fight off real colds and flues.

Dr Oz: Zinc Lozenges Cold & Flu Remedy

Dr Oz said that Zinc Lozenges do not seem to be effective based on scientific studies.  I am relieved to hear this, because I really dislike the taste of zinc lozenges!  Dr Oz said that zinc is an essential mineral and an anti-oxidant, so it does not sound like it could hurt you.  But most studies have not shown that zinc can help boost your immune system.

Dr Oz: Sesame Oil Cold & Flu Remedy

Dr Oz said that Sesame Oil does boost your immunity!  A new study done in Sweden found that if you put some Sesame Oil into your nasal passages, it can sooth dry and cracked area, which makes it less desirable for a cold or flu to affix itself to.  Just take a little drop of sesame oil and rub it into the inside of your nostril.

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