Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stages & Treatments

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Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stages & Treatments

By on June 3, 2011

Dr Oz: Cancer Stages & Treatments

Dr Oz started this season with news about the Pre-Cancerous Polyp found during his Colonoscopy (click here to read the recap of this show: Dr Oz’s Colonoscopy).  Recently though, Doctor Oz went back for a follow-up Colonoscopy on his show called “When Dr Oz Became Mr Oz,” because he was a bad patient the first time and did not follow his doctor’s orders.  Yes, Dr Oz was a bad patient!  Even though he drank the strong laxative drink that Dr John LaPook prescribed for him, he did not completely clean out his colon.  Why?  Because he was supposed to stop eating solid foods 36 hours before the Colonoscopy, but just a couple hours before starting the laxative drink cleanse, he ate lentils and rice.

Dr Oz’s Colonoscopy

During Dr Oz’s first Colonoscopy, Dr John LaPook removed several Adenoma Polyps which would have quite possibly become Cancerous over time.  But since his prep for the Colonoscopy was insufficient, his Gastroenterologist said he should come back for another one in 3 months.  Doctor Oz stalled though for a full 9 months before finally going back for his second follow-up Colonoscopy.  This second time around though, they found just a subtle poyp called a Hyperplastic Polyp which is more-or-less just like a skin tag and does not cause any problems.

Dr Oz said that during the segment he did on his first Colonoscopy, he decided not to show the problems with his prep because he did not want people Dr Oz Colonoscopyto feel intimidated.  Dr LaPook said that he was not pleased when he saw the lentils and rice in Dr Oz’s colon because it made it more difficult and put the results of the Colonoscopy in jeopardy.  Dr Oz said that the whole experience was very humbling, because it just goes to show that you must practice what you preach.  Dr LaPook said he was surprised by how freaked out Doctor Oz was about the polyps, but then he had an epiphany that Dr Oz is like Superman to many of us, and the polyp is like his Kryptonite.  Not even Dr Oz is invulnerable.

Doctor Oz said he realized why he was so resistant to following the doctor’s orders, and it is because he does not like losing control, which many of us can surely relate to.  He hates going into the unknown where you do not know what will happen, because he likes total control.  But he had two realizations:

1. Now Dr Oz understands better why so many people do not go for their screening tests like Colonoscopies (though this is no excuse!).

2.  He realized why it is worth losing control to have a Colonoscopy.

Here are the stages of Colon Cancer, along with the treatments required at each stage, and your percent chance of living and recuperating.

Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stage 0

In stage 0 of Colon Cancer, the cancer has not gone inside of the wall of the Colon yet, which is the same thing with the Adenoma Polyps that Dr Oz had.  The Colon Cancer in Stage 0 is nowhere near your Lymph System and so Dr LaPook said it is 100% curable by just taking it out.

Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stage 1

In stage 1 of Colon Cancer, the cancer has gone into the wall of the colon a little bit.  Though it is still not in your Lymph Node System yet, so it can be cut out – but only with surgery now.  Your chances of being cured are still 90-95% which is pretty good.

Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stage 2

In stage 2 of Colon Cancer, the cancer has spread through the wall to the outer wall of the Colon.  Now you will need surgery and potentially chemotherapy as well.  But it is still not in your Lymph Nodes yet so you have about a 75-80% chance of recovering.

Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stage 3

In Stage 3 of Colon Cancer, your cancer has gone through the wall of the Colon and into your Lymph Nodes.  Now that the cancer has escaped past your colon wall, you will need surgery and definitely Chemotherapy.  Plus, your odds become much worse and your cure rate is 25-70%.

Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stage 4

In Stage 4 of Colon Cancer, your cancer has spread to vital organs in your body.  The first place Colon Cancer spreads to is your bones and then up to your liver.  When you get Liver Cancer, it often spreads so that you cannot even cut it out because there would be nothing left if you did that.  Then the cancer spreads up to your lungs so you get Lung Cancer.  And finally, it makes its way up to your brain and you get Brain Cancer.  By this point, we have usually lost the battle against Cancer.  Dr LaPook said that Stage 4 Colon Cancer has a survival rate of less than 10% and they generally turn to experimental treatments and chemotherapy.  But this is a totally preventable illness because you have 5, 10 or even 15 years to catch it before it turns into a very serious and deadly form of Cancer.  Also, it is just a myth that women do not need Colonoscopies.  Women get Colon Cancer just as often as men do.  So please call your doctor and schedule a Colonoscopy if you have are due for one!  And please forward this article to everyone you know so that we can help save some lives!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Colon Cancer Stages & Treatments

  1. My brother died of colon cancer at the age of 50. It appears to be a genetic condition. He had the symptoms for several years yet said and did nothing until he was weak from losing blood. I think it is important for people to get a colonoscopy before the age of 40. We had no idea that colon cancer runs in our family.

  2. I am 55 Diagnosed in April 2011 with stage 3 colon cancer. Now undergoing Chemo. Regret not going in at 50 before symptoms depleted me. Thought I was too busy and healthy. Health= Life!

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