Dr Oz: Colonics: Colon Hydrotherapy Extreme Alternative Therapies


Dr Oz did a segment called Extreme Alternative Therapies: Help or Hype, and one treatment he spoke about was Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy.  You should also read the recap for what Doctor Oz thinks about Cryogenic Chamber Theapy!

Dr Oz: Colon Hydro Therapy

Dr Oz brought on a lady who said that a couple of her friends recently got Colonics and feel better, have lost weight, and Dr Oz Coloniceven seen an improvement in their skin.  Are Colonics good for your health?  Dr Oz said that Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy are often promoted as being helpful for regularity issues, detoxification, and weight loss.  The person giving you a Colonic will take a tube, place it in your butt, and pump water into your colon while the therapist massages your stomach to help distribute the water and clean it out.  Then a tube is attached and all of the waste from inside of the colon is washed out.

Dr Oz: Do Colonics Work?

Dr Oz said that a Colonic is hype.  Your digestive system naturally eliminates stuff that is inside of your body, as long as you eat the right kinds of food.  Your body does not need help bringing anything out.  You can think of a box with water as being your colon.  Imagine red and black confetti in the water to represent the good and bad bacteria in your colon.  By doing a Colonic, you suck out both the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, so everything is gone.

Dr Oz: Colonic Side Effects

Dr Oz said that the following are some possible side effects of Colonics:


  1. Frea Zook says

    I appreciate and value the helpful information given on your show. I am sure your intention in discussing colonics is to caution people about anything that you feel could potentially do them harm. Many helpful things in our lives have potential to cause harm if we don’t use common sense or follow instructions. I have seen colonics help restore health to quite a number of people. Colonics should only be done by a trained and licensed therapist. True overdoing colonics as overdoing most things can upset the bodies natural balance and a good therpiist would not recommend that. A small speculum is inserted very slightly into the rectum to introduce warm, fltered water . The speculum and any hoses used should be sterile and used one time only. Colonics can be tremendously helpful in detoxying the body and helping people move towards improved health. I am a colon hydrotherapist who felt a calling to help people and do my best to try to do just that. I naturally have concerns about the information given out about this topic.
    Freda Zook

  2. Cherie rineker says

    I too was very concerned about the way dr Oz portrayed colon hydrotherapy on last weeks show. He said that water would be pumped into the colon ( not true, warm highly filtered water is indroduced into the colon at a lesser rate than a regular enema) The stomach is then massaged (not true, the stomach is only massaged during expulsion of the water and debris) than the hose to catch the debris is attached and can be very messy (not true, all this is done at the beginning of the colonic when there is no danger of the colon leaking its content) The speculum ( part of the colonic that goes into the rectum) is guided into the rectum very slowly and carefully with medical lubrication by a licensed and experienced colon hydrotherapist. There is no way the 2 inches inserted would cause damage in this way. After a colonic a patient is always advised to drink alot of water with electrolytes and take probiotics (or eat yoghurt) to replenish the good bacteria that was flushed out of the colon. This way the colon now no longer has the bad bacteria that cause so many issues (bloating, flatulence, bad odor etc) and can establish its healthy balance again Do we tell people not to take anti-biotics because they kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. Most doctors don’t even recommend the use of probiotics after taking anti biotics. A good colon hydrotherapist always recommends this. To compare the colon to a bucket of water with good and bad bacteria, and the colonic as a vacuum cleaner, does not do a colonic justice and would scare even me away. Colon Hydrotherapy is a great way to start a new life style. It is very helpful to any client to see the bad flushed out and make a commitment to eat and live healthier in the future. Ihave always been impressed with dr Oz embracing the alternative community and am very dissappointed that his lack of knowledge on colon hydrotherapy would steer people away from something that could greatly benefit them. Dr Oz, please remember, if we all ate well, excercised as we should., got all the sleep we needed and were spiritually attuned to nature, eachother and themselves, many therapies, surgeries and drugs would no longer be needed (including your services and even your show). It is because many of us do not live this way that our health care system is overloaded and people are in desperate need for help. Colon hydrotherapy is simply one way this can be ackomplished.
    I hope you will do this wonderful therapy justice by giving it an honest chance and sharing it with the public.
    Warm regards

  3. Rhonda says

    i agree with the comments above and have had excellent success with colonic therapy. It is too bad that conventional medicine is so challenged by alternative medicine . There is a place for both.

  4. Maquita says

    @ Cherie, I found your comments very insightful and would love to hear more of your views for an article I’m writing on the subject. Can we please talk further? Thank you!:-)

  5. says

    Noticed Dr Oz said “If” you eat right. How many truly do that. And its just not diet, Its the other toxins such as exhaust fumes in traffic, scents from candles, air freshners, stuff we apply on our skin. Everything in moderation. Detox the liver and colon occasionally, regulary whatever you need. You can always add electrolytes (gatgorade), probiotics for beneficial bacteria just as we eat crap to kill it. For every pro, someone will have a con. Take the plunge, see for yourself. Expect to feel flatter and lighter in the first session. Educate yourself, let prevention prevail.

  6. Cherie Rineker says

    Hi Maquita,

    Thanks for your interest in colon hydrotherapy. I did not see your comment and would like to continue the conversation on colonics whenever you are interested. I just came back from a spa where I offered many colonics to people fasting. It is incredible to see what continues to come out of the colon even after a person has not eaten for days (sometimes even weeks) especially after a liver cleanse. This stuff can’t possibly be healthy in your body or in the colon and I saw first hand how lives were changed by getting colonics. It is my wish that dr Oz revisits the great benefits to colon hydrotherapy on his show, so that more people can benefit from this wonderful therapy. The other remarks on this site all say as I say. Everything can be overdone, this is never advised with colonics. The colon should be capable to do a wonderful job all by itself with a good diet, the right amount of water and excercise. Sometimes a colon has been so mistreated ( often by the use and abuse of laxatives) that it cannot function by itself anymore. Colonics is the only therapy that can retrain the colon. The reason I know is because this is what happened for me. Nothing worked for me and interestingly enough, every doctor I went to would continue to recommend laxatives to me, the one thing that got my colon so messed up to begin with. After 15 years of not being able to have a bowel movement by myself without the use of a laxative I was able to get off them just three months after starting colon hydrotherapy. Today, 8 years after starting colonics I only give myself two colonics per year (like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist) and I am as regular as a child. All the pills, laxatives and other treatments were not able to do for me what colonics did for me, and that is why I am so passionate about colonics and wish that dr Oz would allow other woman out there the same guidance in healing their colon.



  7. , says

    Years ago, in the 1980s I was introduced to a Dr. Bob, who had created Perfect 7 which is a fiber drink that is an intestinal cleaner. He gave colonics to those who needed them. Many co workers of mine had them with great heath success. Dr Bob, was also an iridologist. He could read the eyes and tell how clogged your colon walls were, also see potential illnesses and even see previous injuries and surgeries. He was an amazing man, he even saw a tumor on one of my sisters breasts, he said at the time it was very tiny but to watch it. He was correct.
    I think Dr. Oz needs a better research team.

  8. Gloria says

    I too have had colonics and was surprised at dr oz.’s criticism, and considering it extreme! I thought my series of colonics were very helpful, and it all made sense. Bacteria are said to replenish very quickly so never found that to be a problem. And I was amused at the suggestion that it might poke a hole in ones rectum. Wonder if he ever tried a colonic before presenting it on his program.

  9. says

    Oz said hype IF you eat the right foods. Who eats the right foods in this day and age. No one. And its just not about your colon. Your liver as well. Breathing exhaust fumes, perfumes, pollution, smoke etc.Oz is getting better in his beliefs about ancient medicine, He’ll come around eventually but may not be at liberty to say because of the network he is on and who owns it. Years ago they wanted to stop supplementation and now they embrace it and enourage probitoics and such. They are slower to come around than some. Do the research, make the decision for yourself. You may have issues your doc needs to know about first, but geish, its just an enema. The Essences have written about colonics since before Christianity.. Some benefit by keeping folks sick and on meds. Follow your gut.. Pun not inteneded. I am a Colon Therapist in Tucson AZ.

  10. Cherie says

    Dr Oz said that a Colonic is hype. Your digestive system naturally eliminates stuff that is inside of your body, as long as you eat the right kinds of food. Your body does not need help bringing anything out. You can think of a box with water as being your colon. Imagine red and black confetti in the water to represent the good and bad bacteria in your colon. By doing a Colonic, you suck out both the good bacteria and the bad bacteria, so everything is gone.

    Dr Oz: Colonic Side Effects

    Dr Oz said that the following are some possible side effects of Colonics:

    – Dehydration

    – Vomiting, Nausea and Cramps

    Perhaps worst of all, the device inserted into your body can potentially make a hole or introduce an infection into your intestines. I think that for this reason, if you want to have a Colonic or a cleanse, you should do the kind that does not use a tool to flush out your system with water. Here is a review of a Colonics product that I tried out and actually found helpful: Dr Natura Colonix Review.

    To the person who wrote this I would just like to ask: Have you ever had a colonic. As a colonhydrotherapist I will guarantee you that it is impossible to hurt the colon by making a hole or causing infection. Sure, if done incorrectly and not by a certified I-act therapist with an FDA approved machine, this could be true, but I guess in that case I would like to argue that doing open heart surgery by an unlicensed physician could be very dangerous. And yes, if we all ate perfect food for our digestion and lived a very healthy life, body mind and spirit you would not need a colonic, then again, we would not need a heart surgeon either. The fact is that most people (maybe you included) do not live that kind of life and so colonics can be very beneficial. They were to me, it was the only thing that helped my digestive system 10 years when all els (with the help of doctors) failed. Now I hardly ever need them, because I have chosen a very healthy lifestyle, then again, now I do not need doctors anymore so maybe it is doctors who do not want us all better, and to know what all we can do to stay healthy. I now get a colonic twice a year like I get my teeth cleaned. Wether my teeth are clean and pearly white I still like to have them checked and professionally cleaned. With all the junk that is in so much of our food air and water, I feel the same way about my colon. I would still love to be able to talk to dr Oz and persuade him to give colon hydrotherapy another look. It can help make peoples lives who struggle with a sluggish colon much happier and healthier, believe me I see it every day.

    Hope this helps. This is no hearsay, this comes from somebody who actually knows something about colonics :>):>)


  11. Valeska says

    Dear Colon Hydrotherapist, I have a question for all of you. Do you feel that doing colonics on a weekly basis would be too much? What would you recommend if someone has not had one yet and is eating very healthy now but did not in the past. Thank you so much and thank you for helping so many people out there.

  12. says

    My english his not perfect but i need to do my best to express my self in the regard of that article. I’m verry desapoint to read that you don’t recommande hydrotherapie. I think that is a mist understand of information… if the professionnel thérapiste his competent he chud reabilde the intestinal flore by the good bactéria. The whater in the colon his soft and gentel insertion.
    tHAT TECHNIQUE WAS A PRACTICE IN THE 1950 CENTURY IN THE HOSPITAL , And the reaplace by suppositoir whis his terrible.. Please have one hydrotherapie experience befor say that comment that therapi can save life, It knot every on you have the natural healty fonction of there intestin. I’T healt prévension, and the result are there for long time reade Dr Kushmine on the subject, Dr Wood. …..That technique his easy, secure, safe, and verry sufficiant…for urgence constipation, rebide your flore, wait problem, sleep probleme, parasite…etc.. thank op you do the experience your self,,,

  13. says

    Dear Valeska,
    As with everything in life, think moderation when it comes to colonics. My recommendation to everyone is to get a colonic twice a year, just like we get our teeth cleaned twice a year wether we need it or not. This is a great way of staying on top of potential issues in the future. If you already have issues I recommend a series of three withing a two week period. Usually one colonic does not clear out the entire content. After the series of three you keep close eye on your bowel movements. If they still come sluggish, or you still experience alot of bloating and other uncomfortable symptoms, come more regular. You do not want to become attached to colonhydrotherapy, either physically or emotionally. Initially you might come in on a weekly basis, but you should try to go for less then a month and ultimately only seasonally or twice a year. Hope this helped.

  14. A Terrible Experience says

    About 15 months ago,I had my second colonic hydrotherapy session. Less than 2 hours later I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with a perforated colon. A couple of hours thereafter, I underwent emergency surgery to remove the perforation and I awoke from the surgery with a colostomy bag on my abdomen. Two months later, I had surgery to “reverse” the colostomy and I endured complications from which I thought I’d never recover. I spent a total of 17 days in the hospital.

    Just prior to the end of my colonic session (in which the speculum was self inserted and there was no supervision) I became very bloated. The “therapist” came in just as i cut off the water flow. I shared with him what i was feeling and was told that my bowels had not completely evacuated. I was instructed to “get up, get dressed and walk around the office for a couple of minutes” until the urge to evacuate came, which never happened. It was then “closing time” and I was asked to leave, which i did. I was never examined by the so-called therapist, nor was i instructed to seek medical attention if my situation didn’t improve. Smirkingly, his last words to me were “don’t mess-up your car on the way home”.

    I currently have a law suit pending against the therapist, and the foregoing is all i want to reveal at this time, But let me assure you that, contrary to what the colonics industry has to say, colonics are NOT SAFE. They can cause and have caused very serious injuries and deaths. BUYERS BEWARE and be prudent, lest you may longer be.

  15. Lynnette Moore says

    I know alot of people that have benefited from Colon Hydrotherapy!. I know I feel alot better when I have them!

  16. Kristine Mercado says

    Dr Oz is controlled opposition for the Illuminati. He is a goofball because he gives you some good advice that people by now already know like not to eat high fructose corn syrup but then shuns colonics. As with other people I had lots of digestion and acne problems such as constipation, gas, bloating and colonics, muscle testing for food allergies, my Vitamix, and a truly wonderful probiotic called flora balance sold at a website called pure balance have really changed my life. Shame on Dr Oz for scaring people off to true health. Of course the mainstream medical community lies about true healing tactics because they won’t make any money off of healthy people. Good luck to all, do your research and cheers!

  17. Marz says

    Dr Oz is an opportunistic shill. It’s tricky because in between all the bad information given out, he also delivers good information. It is up to the viewer to either ignore him or use your critical thinking skills to decipher what is crap and what is true.

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