Dr Oz: Colonoscopy Found Cancerous Adenoma Polyp


Doctor Oz turned 50 over the summer, and to kick off the new season of the Dr Oz Show, he did a segment on colonoscopies where he showed himself getting a colonoscopy for the first time. August 13, 2010 is when Dr Oz went in for his routine colonoscopy, and just three days later Dr Oz got shocking news about having what could become Colon Cancer!!! This was a fascinating segment and it should be a great wake-up call to everyone out there!!!  Doctor Oz's Colonoscopy Test


  1. Lynette says

    Just wanted to comment that I, too had adenoma polyps removed during a normal colonoscopy at the age of 31! At the time, my mother was dying from colon cancer and her oncologist insisted that I get the procedure done, despite not yet being 40. I was actually laughed at when I went in to tell them I wanted to have the procedure done. They insisted insurance would not cover this, so I stated that I would pay for the procedure in full, against their advice. During that procedure, I too had a pre-cancerous polyp removed. I was later told that I too would have had colon cancer in less than 5 years. Though my mom passed away at the age of 53 with this disease, I too would have not made it to the age of 36! I now get regular colonoscopies done and will also be encouraging my daughters to get them done when they are 30, despite being laughed at. And by the way, I am completely healthy otherwise-not obese or a smoker. Please don’t let a random age number make your decision to be screened. If you have risk factors, get checked out early!

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