Dr Oz Colonoscopy Inspired Women & Saved Lives from Colon Cancer


Dr Oz said that the most personal story he ever covered was the first show of this season where he had his first Colonoscopy on live television.  If you missed that show, it will re-air on Thanksgiving and you can read a recap of the show by clicking here: Dr Oz’s Colonoscopy.  Doctor Oz is always talking about Cancer Fighting Foods and telling people how to stay healthy, so as he had his colonoscopy after turning 50, he was shocked that a polyp was found that could have become a Cancer over time. Dr Oz Colonoscopy Saved Lives


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    I work at Caring Hands Healthcare, a community healthcare center in southeast Oklahoma, where many people are well under poverty level. We usually refer our folks who have no insurance and no money to the University of Oklahoma for colonoscopy. The current waiting list is 2 years to have a colonoscopy. We have folks here who have cancer and no access to care. Is there anyone out there who can help us?

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