Dr Oz: Combo Pilling For Weight Loss: Dr Robert Skversky Diet Pills


Dr Oz: Combo Diet Pill Dangers

Dr Oz spoke about Combo Diet Pills with Dr Robert Skversky, and then brought a women named Theresa on his show who had bad side effects from taking a Weight Loss Cocktail.  Doctor Oz also gave a list of things to do to minimize your risks if you plan on doing Combo Pilling.

Dr Oz: Combo Pilling Dangers

Theresa was eager to lose weight, because she went from a size 10 to a size 18 from taking anti-depressants.  Her doctor Dr Oz Combo Pillingput her on some Appetizer Suppressants, but they were not working for her, so her doctor suggested that some people had a good result with weight loss by combining the Appetizer Suppressants with Anti-Seizure Medication.  So Theresa started Combo Pilling but had lots of bad side effects including her hands and feet went numb, she forgot what she walking about in the middle of conversations, she felt she was going crazy, her tastebuds went haywire and on top of it all – she did not even lose weight.  After she tried this for 6 months and told her doctor about all of these symptoms and the fact that she recently started to lose her hair, he told her to go off of the Combo Diet Pills immediately.

Dr Oz: Combo Diet Pills Pros vs Cons

Theresa told Dr Oz that she discussed her tastebud issue with her doctor, but felt she could live with it in order to lose weight.  But when she went to the hair salon and there were 6 spots with no hair at all, and one was the size of a baseball, she knew it had gone too far.  Theresa warned everyone to really do your homework before going on Combo Diet Pills and pay lots of attention to what is going on with your body.  You must talk to your doctor constantly.  Theresa said she would have loved to have been a part of the group that Combo Diet Pills worked for, but that she would rather be overweight and have her hair, memory and feeling in her limbs.  And I can’t say I blame her one bit!  Dr Oz asked her if there was any permanent damage, and Theresa said that now that she is off of the Combo Diet Pills, things have gotten better so she thinks there is not any permanent damage.

Dr Oz: Dr Robert Skversky

Dr Robert Skversky told Dr Oz that this is why the stress so seriously that if you have cognitive issues while Combo Pilling, you have to lower your dosage to avoid memory dysfunction.  The hair loss he said is very rare.  Dr Skversky said that they inform all of their patients and have aggressive conversations before treatment begins to talk about the benefits vs the risks.  Skversky told Doctor Oz that around 12% of people that he sees have bad complications, but that is why some people end up taking 400 mg of Topamax while others can only take 50 mg of Topamax.

Dr Oz: Diet Pills in America

Dr Oz asked Dr Henry Lodge why we do not have a drug so far for treating weight loss in America?  Dr Lodge said that we all want a solution, but the question is whether you should run ahead of the solution and take all of the risks because you want to get the treatment first.  He said that the FDA balances the risks and the rewards, but that this is the best that we can do applying real science to very difficult problems.  The track record of medical science shows that it is far more likely to do harm by Combo Pilling than to help though.

Dr Oz: Combo Pilling Tips

Dr Oz said that if you are going to try Combo Diet Pills with Dr Robert Skversky or any other doctor, here are some tips to follow:


  1. Lillian Sheppard says

    I would not risk losing my hair for a pill. Just not worth it. Find the root of why your overeat and fix the problem. We all have to stop stuffing our selves with food for comfort.

  2. kathy says

    If it was as easy as just stop stuffing ourselves then the world would be full of skinny happy people. I would probably risk losing hair to lose weight.

  3. Juli J says

    I became extremely depressed with very real thoughts of suicide while using the combo pilling method of Relecore and Zantrax 3 (blue bottle). I would pill for a few weeks and then get lazy and not use them for a few days. It wasn’t until after a particularly emotional night that I had stopped taking them because I hadn’t wanted to eat and I was just being lazy. But after being off, I realized that I felt much better. I haven’t taken another Relecore or Zantrax 3 since and have felt so much better. I was killing myself to lose weight, or at least having thoughts of it. Not fun.

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