Dr Oz: Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow & Nuttzo PF

Dr Oz: Free Sleep Products Giveaways

Doctor Oz was still coming with the remedies. On today’s show, he discussed his best tips throughout the years. This segment, he talked about the solutions to get a good night’s rest, such as products like Nuttzo PF, Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow and Binaural Beats Sleepphones. (And who couldn’t use a good night’s sleep?)  De-Stress ProductsAlternative Medicine ProductsEnergy Boosters and Anti-Aging Products.

Dr Oz Nuttzo PF & Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow

Dr Oz spoke about getting a good night's sleep with products like Nuttzo PF & Comfort Revolution's Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow.

One audience member joined Doctor Oz and told him that she didn’t get much sleep. In fact, she’s only had a full night’s sleep two times in the last couple of years. (Dr Oz knew she was awake in the middle of the nights because she constantly sent him e-mails in the wee hours of the morning!—sounds slightly stalker-ish to me.)

Dr Oz: Nuttzo PF Review

Studies have indicated that we get our best rest when we give a nudge to our blood sugar 30 minutes before bed. A light snack can do that. Nuttzo PF contains nut butter and whole grain crackers to boost serotonin levels. Spread 2 Tbsp of Nuttzo on to 4 crackers 30 minutes before bed. You can buy it at the following link: Nuttzo.

Dr Oz: Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow by Comfort Revolution

The position we sleep in is a big indicator of whether or not you will have a restful night. Dr Oz says to sleep properly, you need support in your bed. The Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel Contour Pillow aligns the head, neck and spine to keep you from sleeping awkwardly. The pillow is also cool to help keep your body temperature down. You can purchase these pillows at the following link: Comfort Revolution Memory Foam & Hydraluxe Cooling Bed Pillow.

Dr Oz: Binaural Beats Sleepphones

Studies show that binaural beats soothe the mind and are most effective when trying to sleep. Listen to the beats with sleepphones for Binaural rhythms. Place the headphones onto your head before jumping into bed and you’re good to go. You can purchase one type of sleepphones at the following link: SleepPhones.

Dr Oz: Vacation Giveaway & Free Products

Win these gadgets by going on to doctoroz.com.

To be eligible for your St Martin vacation, collect all of the letters at the end of each article below, unscramble the word and head over to doctoroz.com.  The fourth letter to win a luxury vacation for 2 to St. Martin is “L”.


  1. says

    Dr. Oz, I watch your program almost every day & I do try some of your products for cooking. I am very much interested in the stress relief remedies that you have. I am dealing with a lot of family issues now and I could use a natural remedy. I am very stressed and have high blood pressure. I am so much needing for you to help me and I could use all the help you want to give me. Thank you, Trish Ragan

  2. Maria Gonzalez says

    To whom it may concern,
    I seem not to find how to enter free giveaway. I did last few months ago with the cellulite machine and no one respond. I am deaf and I need help to see where or how to get the giveaway products.

  3. jo says

    I have a question. I watched todays show (5-01-2012) the comfort products for stress and pain relief were offered as free products at droz.comfree products, I looked for this specific site, found this one, (these products have a price listed alongside them, indicating they are not free.) I would order the above and below products if they are truly free today.
    I actually would have like the spunk mat, and pureleaf light bulb pack. I actually would liked to have ordered the netipotwaterpik and the soda fountain . Far as I could tell the puzzel word for todays show is Relax, are these products actually free as indicated, if so where is the order form for these ?

  4. jo says

    I was looking forward to trying the “free products for all at home watching today 5/1/12, found this site and all the free products offered have a price attatched? Are these free or not?

  5. says

    I echo the wish for the FREE mat and light bulb. Why make getting the items Dr. Oz
    says are free so difficult to secure? I think you divorce continuing patrons with this
    lack of interest in the public.

  6. cyndi bober says

    Dr Oz i love the show watch everyday i also suffer from interstital cystitis sleep problems & fibromyalgia would love to try the products on todays show 05-01-12 to help me get better and Relax is the word. Thank you for all your info you research for us.

  7. says

    Dr. Oz I do love your show I watch when I can. And I am a cancel patient of ( multiple Myeloma ).
    I need to relax and get good night of sleep which not able to even with doctor`s prescribed medicine only 2- 3 hours at a time. I cannot eat anything that is raw and most of natural products, because of marrow and I need transplant.

    I need to know how to get immune boosting light bulbs and free of wire ear peace that plays 8hours of music, I show it on May 1st Dr.Oz show. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you Dr. Oz, Sherry Ward.

  8. says

    I have gotten the recipes of all cooking and remedies for the how to stay health.
    I am now fighting the cancel in my marrow within a few weeks, I will be go in Shands Hospital.
    I am not able to work much only to keep my medical insurance which is lot and too many medical bills and desperate need of stress level down.
    If I can get immune boosting light bulbs and wire-less ear piece for free like Dr.Oz`s fan that would help me out whole bunch!!
    And I do want to order some Coconut Virgin Oil soon if I can.

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