Dr Oz: Common Cold Natural Cures: Elderberry Juice & Licorice Tea

Dr Oz did a segment called Natural Cures for the Common Cold, and I think everyone knows how much I love Natural Remedies – so this show was right up my alley!  From supplements to throat lozenges, Doctor Oz provided us with the 411 on natural cures to prevent getting sick this winter. Dr Oz Natural Cures for the Common Cold

Dr Oz: Saline Nasal Spray for Nasal Congestion

Dr Oz said that Saline Nasal Spray combats nasal congestion by adding moisture to nasal passages, and he loves how they do not cause the rebound effects that other decongestants can cause.

Dr Oz: Licorice Tea for Sore Throats

Dr Oz said that Licorice Tea can relieve sore throats because warm liquids are always good for colds, but also there are therapeutic elements in Licorice Tea that can soothe soreness.

Dr Oz: Sage Extract for Cough

Dr Oz said that St Johns Wort is used to treat depression, but Sage Extract is an expectorant that can help calm a cough and get rid of mucus.  Just add a little Sage Extract to a cup of warm water, and your cough will be gone in no time.  I wonder if adding sage extract to a humidifier could help coughing as well?

Dr Oz: Elderberry Juice Boosts Immunity

Dr Oz said that Elderberry Juice contains vitamin C and other nutrients that can increase your immunity.  You can buy Elderberry Juice for $15 and it may just be Dr Oz’s favorite tool for curing a cold, because it has been used for a very long time as an immunity booster.  I wonder what is in Elderberry Juice, other than vitamin C, that makes it so good for fighting colds and boosting your immunity?  If you know (or have any guesses), please leave a comment below!

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