Dr Oz: Compression Underwear, Yoga Mat, Steel Cut Oatmeal & Walnuts

Dr Oz played a game called What Dr Oz Can’t Live Without.  Doctor Oz had two contestants from his audience, and he showed them three different items from a given category and asked which one was the item that Dr Oz Can’t Live Without.  This game should be a breeze for all of our Dr Oz Fans readers!

Dr Oz: Walnuts: Nut Dr Oz Can’t Live Without

Dr Oz said that between walnuts, almonds, and cashews – he cannot live without walnuts.  He said he likes to soak them in water because they get nice and chewy, which I have never done before but I will definitely have to try this!  Walnuts are of course rich in omega 3 fats.  If you eat a handful of walnuts before a meal, Dr Oz said it will help to keep you from overeating as well!

Dr Oz: Yoga Mat: Exercise Tool Dr Oz Can’t Live Without

Dr Oz said that between a yoga mat, a resistance band, and a medicine ball, he cannot live without a yoga mat.  He said we should do yoga every morning to lower our blood pressure and to increase our flexibility.

Dr Oz: Steel Cut Oatmeal: Dr Oz’s Favorite Breakfast

Dr Oz said that his favorite breakfast between greek yogurt, egg whites, and steel cut oatmeal is in fact the oatmeal!  Oatmeal has lots of fiber to fill you up, so you will not be hungry again until the afternoon.

Dr Oz: Compression Underwear

Dr Oz’s favorite clothing to wear underneath is Compression Underwear!  The other choices were moisture wicking socks (which is what I thought the answer would be) and a dri-fit t-shirt.  Compression Underwear is a cotton spandex material that holds stuff in place and keeps your muscles warm, while wicking away sweat.


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