Dr Oz Concussion Symptoms, Concussion Treatments & Tai Chi


Dr Oz’s show called The Land of Dr Oz featured a segment about How To Prevent Concussions.  If you remember the story of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, you might recall that she suffered from a concussion.  Doctor Oz said that he has personally had two concussions.  How can you tell if you have had a concussion?  And what should you do if you have one?

Dr Oz: What Is A Concussion?

Dr Oz said that 1.5 million people get concussions every year.  Your brain is suspended inside of your skull in fluid.  When you hit your head, your brain can bang against the side of your Dr Oz Concussionsskull and get bruised – and that is what a concussion really is.  Memory loss is often caused by trauma to the brain, which is what happens with concussions.

Dr Oz: Bicycle Helmets

Dr Oz said it is crucial that everyone wears a bicycle helmet when riding a bike.  To make the point, he did a demonstration with two watermelons.  One watermelon had a helmet on and the other watermelon did not.  Now imagine that you fall of your bike and hit your head or run into a pole, well the watermelon without a helmet split open and fluid leaked out which is the kind of trauma a person may never get better from.  The watermelon with the helmet did not have any major trauma.  Dr Oz said that one test to help you figure out if you really had a concussion or not is whether or not you can remember when you actually hit your head.

Dr Oz: Concussion Symptoms

In addition to asking whether or not you recall when you hit your head, the following are symptoms of a Concussion:


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