Dr Oz: Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Ginseng & White Bean Extract Burn Fat


Dr Oz: Fat Burning Supplements

Dr Oz played a game on today’s Doctor Oz Show to teach us about Fat Burning Supplements.  Take the quiz below to see if you can guess which supplements help you burn away fat.

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract Burns Fat

1. The best supplement to help burn fat by making sure all those starchy calories from bread, cereal, and pasta don’t end up on your hips.


  1. says

    All year I have had IBS/ I watch your show frequently,enjoy. But I have had a past of Seizures.
    Since surgery-2006-Free, With med, I can;t take supplements. I;m having trouble with Dilantin level now. But I take metamucil and a mineral as well as another liquid. IBS-Doc-9 tablespoons a day-Liquids.
    Any suggestions!

  2. delilah n says

    I have fungi in my toesnails. It is very ugly and i do not like showing my toes in public. I watch you every day or log on to your website to see what is new. I have not heard you speak of the subject. I know it not as important as other thing that you talk about but i cannot afford the medication the doctor describe for me. is there a cheaper medication that does not effect the liver. the over the counter remedise may it worst. thank God summer is over with people are going back to close in shoe. I can hide it for 8 months again so help me be for time is up! big fan

  3. says

    You stated that Dr. Oz Recommended White Bean Extract, Ginseng and Conjugated Linoleic Acid to help for those wanting to lose weight, but Dr. Oz really recommended was White Bean Extract, Chitosan and Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Ginseng is used to improve memory and concentration etc. Hope this helps anyone wanting to lose weight.

  4. says

    To Vicky; I went to an ENT several months ago. He recommended Super Quercetin for ringing in the ears. It has helped.

    To Delilah; For many years Dr. Gott has recommended Vicks Vapor rub applied twice daily to clean feet. Make sure to rub it well into the toe nail area and wear cotton blend socks.
    My neighbor has tried this for some time with great success.

  5. Barbara says

    Can white bean extract, chitosan, and CLA be taken at the same time. If so, how should they be spread out during the day?

  6. Ellen says

    I know one supplement based on the white kidney bean extract allows you to take 2-3 before each meal. As for mixing with the others I don’t see an issue with the CLA. The chitosan I don’t know about. Check out Healthy Curb at ntfactor.com

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