Dr Oz: Constipation Causes: Laxatives Cause Constipation Over Time

By on November 3, 2010

Dr Oz said that a lack of water and fiber in your diet can be two reasons why you just can’t seem to go to the bathroom.  But what else causes constipation?  Doctor Oz’s assistant of the day was a lady named Marybel, who was clearly extremely excited to be on the stage with Dr Oz (who wouldn’t be!). Dr Oz Constipation from Laxatives

Dr Oz asked Marybel how many times a day she poops, and she said that she poops 3 times a day!  Wow, that is a lot.  She must drink A LOT of water or eat TONS of fiber!  Dr Oz said that if you poop less than 3 times a week, you are probably constipated.  Most people poop once a day.  So what is a big cause of constipation other than a lack of water or fiber? The overuse of laxatives!

Dr Oz: Overuse of Laxatives Causes Constipation

Dr Oz said that an overuse of laxatives can cause constipation, which is exactly the opposite of what people think that laxatives do.  The problem is that when you overstimulate yourself, the laxatives can actually hurt you and poison your nerves.  Dr Oz showed a model of the Intestinal System, and when you get severely constipated, food can get crammed into your intestines until there is no more space inside, and if you do not poop, the food will come out the other way.

Dr Oz suggested that instead of taking laxatives, start eating a fiber rich diet, which does not mean you have to take fiber supplements!  You can start by eating fiber rich foods like nuts, whole fruits and whole grain breads.

Dr Oz: Calcium Causes Constipation

Dr Oz has been talking a lot about taking his Calcium Cocktail, rather than calcium by itself.  One reason to not take calcium alone is because calcium binds you up.  So be taking Magnesium with the Calcium, you prevent the calcium from making you constipated.  Dr Oz said you do not want to get more than 2500 mg of calcium a day.  You can get calcium naturally from beans and leafy greens.  Or you can take 600 mg Calcium and 200 mg Magnesium.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Constipation Causes: Laxatives Cause Constipation Over Time

  1. Margo Hash says:

    Dr Oz changed my 56 year constipation problem!!!

    Laxatives HAD definitely become a part of my life. Several months ago, I wasn’t able to have a BM no matter what I tried…..water, fiber, exercise. After a colonoscopy (the prep did produce a BM). The results were fine but there wasn’t an explaination for my problem.

    Dr Oz had one simple comment…..elevate your feet while on the toilet. This will straighten the colon. I have been putting my feet on a 10″ step stool since his suggestion. IT WORKS!!!!!! I actually look forward to having a BM (usually daily). Over the years, I have seen numerous physicians and specialist with no avail.

    THANK YOU DR OZ!!!!!

  2. bon que que says:

    i didnt like what you did…it didnt help me at all im am expecting a full refun goodbye now

    Bon que que finndle cake shore neeta laquata shannana

  3. Try YOR Health especially the digestive products. It’ll work like magic

  4. mykelcarli says:

    seriously? trolling an unofficial dr. oz website…epic epic fail…

  5. I have IBS and hate going to poop because sometimes it creates my anus area to get inflammed which last for a few hours. I feel like I want to poop even when I don’t need to. It’s also very uncomfortable. I never had this trouble in the past (I ran a lot and pooped every morning), now I am 69 and only walk about 5km per day. Sometimes I have to rush home in the middle of a walk to go to the bathroom suddenly. Also when I do go sometimes I think I have finished but a couple of minutes after I have to go back. It almost comes in spasms which is very irritating. I eat less solid foods because I don’t want to have to go to the bathroom often. I eat CHIA seeds first thing in the morning, and then have a plate of oats. I am careful what I eat. Often my stomach feels bloated and my intentines inflammed, also the anus area. I am not over weight 52km and 5ft 5in. Have exercised my entire life.

  6. ladyindistress says:

    I am usually in a lot of stomach pain but you see I am allergic to dairy and soy products and I’m not able to digest seafood very good. I have trouble with the pain because some where in my diet I’ll eat some soy and I’ll end up vomiting and in pain. I’ve been to many doctors and none could figure it out what the pain is. I take calcium and VT D and some other medicine that in my opinion I could live with out but “Doctors Orders”. I don’t go to the bathroom very often but it’s not because I don’t want to but because my body can’t digest any foods I eat.

  7. For the last week I’ve had extreme pain in my rectal area, extremely bloody stools, vomiting and weight loss (about 15 lbs so far). Should I be concerned?

  8. Yes you should definitely be concerned! I’m not trying to scare you but I’d rather be alarming than not get my point across. Call your doctor today!!!

  9. hi i eat rice n beans alot cuz of my mom and fried chiken.i do drink water regularly.i smoke ciggeretes and am a landscaper so am constantly moving all day at work so why is my bowel movement not good? x(

  10. Hello I have endometriosis so im always constipated and of course sick and in horrible pain everyday and its ruining my life cant do anything anymore but cry in pain ..anyway I always use senna or.miralax for my constipation Dr Oz is right because now the senna doesnt seem.to be working anymore

  11. I have been constipated ever since a severe panic attack 3 months ago i have no idea what the link is there… i have been to 3 different doctors had a ct scan of the abdomen and everything is fine… yet im full of stool.. when i do go i have to push really hard to get any out no matter what consistency or size.. i go maybe every 3 days and its very little amount i have tried enemas , restorolax but dont want to be dependant on laxative. So i tried bran flakes that helped and now that has stopped helping me I dont know what to do i was fine before …

  12. My partner and I have been on diets lost a lot of weight then yo-yo back. We wanted a change for our health and the way we feel. We read hunger for change and eating organic and super foods. This will help you with that feeling of constitution but also help u lose weight and feel amazing inside and out.

  13. hi. doctor i haven poop for days in im getting every worry, i dont what wrong with me and i really need help please help im going drink a lot of water and fiber it should help me i read about it please replied back …

  14. I have not been able to poop in the past three days. I feel bloated, and do not want to eat, since I do not feel hungry. I have the urge to poop, but it hurts my left side when I try to push. I’ve tried laxatives, drinking plenty of water, healthy eating, etc. nothing is working!

  15. I eat plently of fiber (tomatoes everyday and lots of diffrent greens) and I drink water regularly. I pee on a normal basis and it doesn’t look out of the ordinary but I’m only pooping once every other day. I don’t eat much calcium and I don’t take laxatives so I don’t understand my problem!!! Also I’ve been drinking lots of cranberry juice lately and that helped but only for a week now it doesn’t effect me anymore

  16. Dr. Oz, good day,
    when one polute air regularly is it normal? i polute the air more than 50 times a day. this started after a long trip, in the bus I was out gas but I respected myself in and held back gas so I did not it side effect that day I began to shoot air a haunter pls help me

  17. Cathy Stephens says:

    I was just diagnosed with a wheat and corn allergy. I have eliminated these foods and my 50 year struggle with constipation is finally over!! Just sorry it took so long and not a single doctor ever mentioned this as a possible cause.

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