Dr Oz: Constipation Remedy: Oregon Grape Root & Bowel Training

Dr Oz did a segment on Constipation, because over 2 million doctors visits each year are from people suffering from constipation, which is both unpleasant and even embarrassing sometimes.  Doctor Oz gave a great Constipation Home Remedy called Oregon Grape Root and spoke about a technique called Bowel Training, which he called a potty training lesson for adults.

Dr Oz: How Do You Know If You Are Constipated?

Dr Oz Constipation Home RemedyDr Oz first defined what it means to be constipated.  If you are not going to the bathroom three times a week at the minimum, then you are constipated.  Dr Oz’s Assistant of the Day said that she gets constipated whenever she travels, which I know quite a few people get that way.

Dr Oz: What Causes Constipation?

Dr Oz showed a CT Scan of someone who was constipated, and you could see a bunch of poop stuck inside of their body.  At this point, the colon had already absorbed too much water, which made the poop into hard pellets that could not get through, especially if the person did not eat enough fiber to help push it through.

Dr Oz: Bowel Training to Cure Constipation

Dr Oz said that if you do not go to the bathroom immediately when you have to, then your body can forget that the poop is there.  So here are some tips from Dr Oz on how to cure your constipation.

Dr Oz: Create a Schedule

Dr Oz said that after you eat food, it goes into your stomach and there is a nerve in your stomach that signals to the intestines to empty out anything waiting to be processed – this is called the Gastric Stomach Colon Reflex, and about 20 minutes after your meal your body is signaled to go to the bathroom.  So always plan your meals so that you can poop and be near a bathroom 20 minutes after you eat.

Dr Oz: Use Foot Stool to Poop

Dr Oz said that you must sit at the correct angle when you poop, and your colon is tilted at an acute angle, so you have to sit at an angle to straighten it out.  One way to do this is to place your feet on a small foot stool while you sit on the toilet, and tilt your body forward.  My grandmother always told me to lean forward when I go to the bathroom to help it come out easier – so I guess she was onto something!

Dr Oz: Oregon Grape Root: Constipation Home Remedy

Dr Oz said that you should not strain your body when you are trying to poop, because if you tighten up the muscles it actually prevents the food from coming out.  One great Constipation Remedy is to take Oregon Grape Root, because it stimulates bile release and helps the flow of poop through your body.


  1. Nydia F. says

    Artichoke Leaf Extract is another supplement that has been found to increase bile flow and reduce constipation and symptoms of IBS like bloating, cramping, etc… It must work in a similar way to the Oregon Grape Root.

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