Dr Oz: Controversial Medicine: Acupuncture, Meditation & Supplements


Dr Oz: Controversial Medicine: Why Your Doctor Is Afraid Of Alternative Health

Dr Oz did a show called Controversial Medicine: Why Your Doctor Is Afraid of Alternative Health.  Many doctors, including Doctor Oz, have been talking about the potential benefits of Alternative Medicine, but other doctors say that these treatments are dangerous.  Why are they so afraid?  And should we be worried and cautious too?

Dr Oz: Alternative Medicine

Dr Oz said that mainstream America is now using herbs, chiropractors and Alternative Medicine.  In fact, 40% of people Dr Oz Alternative Medicineuse some form of Alternative Treatment and spend a total of $35 billion a year.  Doctor Oz has done shows that feature some of the biggest names in Alternative Health, such as Dr. Joe Mercola, Deepak Chopra and Dr Andrew Weil, but some doctors say that their treatments do not work and can even be dangerous.


  1. Donna says

    I have tried many supplements but of all the ones I’ve tried I have to say the most amazing is the Oil of Oregano – good to treat commom flu, colds and allergies. I have suffered with an allergy type cough for almost 40 years and once I started taking this, my cough has totally disappeared. Works wonders!

  2. Linda says

    I had a horrible pain in my shoulder, for about two months. I went to physical therapy, which helped just a little, but the pain was still awful after I would leave the clinic. I found out, through MRI, that I had a torn tendon. I tried acupuncture for the first time, and the pain was immediately gone! Has not come back! I will use acupuncture from now on, even if I still go to the doctor. I know it doesn’t work on everyone, because it depends on how long you have had your pain. As for me, I am sold on acupuncture, and I was a big chicken, at first.

  3. janatmsn says

    I did take MSM and it is wonderful for an arthritis type condition and it strengthens the bones. I fell and broke an ankle because of the way I landed which was on my left leg which folded under me-it seemed like my tendons were stretched and extremely painful and I started to favor my other leg. MSM helped a lot because it rebuilds the soft area of the bone between the joint which are painful because of the nerve endings. (there is a far better description online) But this really works. I also had a mild arthritic condition which is gone because of this supplement.
    But my newest miracle food is lemon which does a zillion things good for your body. it’s an appetite suppressant, it has calcium and magnesium strengthens bones, it helps you loose weight, its antibacterial, it is a digestive which controls heartburn, bloating. the liver can make more enzymes from fresh lemon than any other food The lemon helps fix oxygen and calciums in the liver because it regulates blood carbohydrate levels which affect the blood oxygen levels. It’s a detoxifier.It does many more things. I just happened to look this up because I had lemon in a salad and noticed something happening but I wasn’t sure if it was the salad greens I chose or something else ,like lemon. I ran into a wealth of information on the lemon that I never knew existed. I believe that for every disease out there there is a cure tucked away in foods that exist. It is our job to figure out which one pertains to our problem

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