Dr Oz did a segment on Night Sweats and Hot Flashes, because all women want to know how to get comfortable at night and how to avoid feeling clammy. What causes Night Sweats? What are the latest Hot Flash Products? This is a must-read for any peri-menopausal or menopausal women (and their husbands!). Dr Oz Hot Flash Products

Dr Oz: What Causes Night Sweats

Dr Oz said that your brain is the organ that is responsible for Night Sweats. The Hypothalamus portion of your brain is charged with regulating your temperature by sending messages to your Pituitary Gland. However, the Hypothalamus is dependent on Estrogen and so, if your estrogen levels are fluctuating, your brain does not know if you are too hot or too cold. If the Hypothalamus does not “tell” the Pituitary Gland that you are too hot or too cold, the body does not adjust in the way that it should.

Dr Oz: Hot Flash Triggers

– Exercise before bed


  1. Marcia says

    I suffer from horrible hotflashes and would love to take advantage of many of Dr. Oz’s recommendations. However, I am on a very fixed income and can barely afford even the vitamins he suggests. What about those of us who are poor? Is there help out there for US?



  2. Sarah says

    I love these products, please tell me where to buy them because I want one of everything for myself and for 5 of my girlfriends for Christmas! Perfect presents!!!

  3. tina says

    I love these sheets. I bought some at recently. Also was able to buy some wicking pajamas. Both the sheets and the pjs have helped me with my night sweats.

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