Dr Oz: CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ: Freeze Off Your Fat


Dr Oz did a show called The Fix to show us how to fix some of our biggest problem areas.  From plastic surgery to non-surgical methods that cost less than $100, Doctor Oz really did a fabulous show on how to make ourselves feel great and look great without breaking the bank.

CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ Freezes Off Fat

Dr Oz said that there is a new lunch time procedure that can Dr Oz Freeze Fatbe done to literally freeze away your fat, as an alternative to liposuction.  CoolSculpting was recently approved by the FDA and was discovered by noticing that children who ate a lot of popsicles growing up got dimples, because the cold fights off the fat cells in your cheeks… this is called Popsicle Panniculitis.  Dr Matthew Avram helped to create CoolSculpting and said that it does not involve anesthesia and there is no downtime, so you do not have to take a week off from work, from social activities or from your families.  CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is quite different than Liposuction, because this procedure takes advantage of the fact that fat cells react to cold temperatures.  Coldness is like sending a death signal to your fat cells, so the fat dies in 2-3 months and you can get a 22-23% reduction in the amount of fat after just one treatment.  Dr Oz explained that when you freeze fat, you kill your fat cells, and then your immune system can come and pick up and take away the dead fat cells.  Therefore, over time, the procedure shrinks the fat cells that you see.


  1. cheryl byerly says

    i was looking at the cool sculpting and i would like to make an apt or talk to a doc that does the procedure i am in watertown,ny i will travel to get this done but i dont know how to contact a doc for it.if u can get back to me i would appreciate it.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Hi im 21 years old and i have a two year daughter name Jade Aliza when I was pregnant I gained up to 240 lbs and after the baby came January 12, 2009 I lost 90lbs but dieting worknig out. My problem is my tummy is strected out really bad like no matter what I do it wont go away. I was if Cool Sculpting is a good idea and where can I got to get it done? please email as soon as you can! God Bless and take care!

  3. Anonymous says

    Dr. Oz did mention the procedure was less than $100. I have been unsuccessful finding any doctors that offer this. Mojority of the doctors I have contacted in the Los Angeles area charge $1500+ for the obliques ($750 per love handle) That to me is the same as Lipo and I would reduce more with Lipo. Yes Zeltiq is a safer route but on the results level – this would not be such a economic break. 2 inches in 4 months I can do on my own eating less & healthier, walking/running daily 30 mins each. $750 is 3-4 months of groceries. Honestly I think its a waste of money. This procedure will only be worth it if it were less or as he stated “less than $100”. Do the math… 2 inches (2-4 months) + $750 = Zeltiq or 10-15 lbs (2-4 months) + $750. I guess if you have the money it really wouldn’t matter. I would really appreciate if someone could please let me know where i can receive this procedure for less than $100.

    Thanks @sam

  4. says

    I paid 2100 to have 3 treatments with no success at all. I work out everyday and I was seeing another Dr independently from the one who did the Zeltiq to make sure my measurements were being watched with an outside independent professional. The Zeltiq Dr took pics but no weight or measurements. When I went back they asked if I could have possibly gained weight!!! Well, that was shocking since I weight myself everday. However it prooved that they agreed their was no change except looking bigger now. I have contacted Zeltiq but of course I have never recvd any response that would tell me why I may have been the odd one who had no results. I only saw advertizements and all positive confirmation from everything I looked up and with Dr Oz okay I figured it was the right decision . Has anyone had any success in getting their money back and finding out why it may not work on some body types? Im aprox 5ft 6inches and between 152-156 for the past aprox 8yrs. I work out everyday with weights and cardio. Looking forward to responses. ..Would love info..God Bless

  5. tom branca says

    How about merely applying ice packs to a fat area ? a cloth between the ice and your skin—why not. Can’t beat the price.

  6. Patti Olson says

    I am 60 and my stomach is sagging, will this freezing help this????????? Please email me an answer. Also, my zip code is 30101, please give me a doctor in my area that does this. THANK YOU Patti PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH THIS!!!!!!

  7. Catherine says

    I am interested in the cooling sculpting. is this procedure available in Louisville Ky or Scottsdale AZ

  8. Jensi says

    PLEASE do not do this. It made the situation worse. I had two 10 pound babies. I am tiny. They were huge. After almost ten years of fighting that bulge I went for the freezing idea because I had two C-section so I know I don’t like invasive procedures. I would pick invasive….after the freezing all I have is sagging. I used to be tight despite the pudge. RUN, RUN RUN. This is a scam.

  9. TWKernan says

    I am 9 weeks from my last mp and I have gone to the dr. office at 7 and 8 weeks, but was not able to see a baby on the U. S. I refuse to go back in until 30 days from my last visit. I have most of the symptoms of being pregnant and this is not my first pregnancy. This is my 9th. I have 6 children and had 2 miscarries. I want to be optimistic about the hold thing, but my Dr. stated he is not as optimistic as I am. What should I do?

  10. kykate says

    @Jensi. You should have more realistic expectations of what Cool Sculpting can do. You got rid of some FAT cells so there are fewer in that area now. Your skin and muscle tissue adapted to the amount of fat cells you had before. Since there are fewer fat cells now, there is more muscle area and skin area than you need now, so you sag. The answer is to tone the muscles so that they tighten over the area where the fat cells were.

  11. Nancy says

    When Dr. Oz shared this with us, and we discovered we could AFFORD it, the doctors yelled, “Yippee!” and upped the price to unbelievable amounts. Are they pricks, or what?

  12. Nichole says

    I just wanted to share my coolsculpting experience to say how fraudulent this really is. I am a petite person, 5’2 125 lbs and relatively fit. I had that stubborn little pooch that just would not go away, as well as just a little bit of muffin tops that no matter how much I worked out it would never go away. I went to my plastic surgeon for consultation. This surgeon also did a breast augmentation a few years ago and has a very good reputation. I thought that this would be a legitimate procedure because of how respected this doctor is. Well I had a total of 2 treatments to my lower abdomen, and 2 treatments to my love handles and I am now 4 months out and I have ZERO results. I work out and have changed nothing so much to my shock and disappointment, I have concluded that this procedure is nothing but one big scam to steal people’s hard earned money. Additionally, I was in pain for several weeks, especially in my lower abdomen. It felt like I was being stabbed continuously for 2 weeks sraight. I couldn’t even wear pants because when I buttoned them my stomach was too tender and it felt like I was being punched. I also had huge bruises on my love handles for weeks.

    I’m trying to get the word out there that this company, Zeltiq needs to be investigated. I have reported this company to the BBB. I know that if more people who have wasted their money come out and report them that maybe we can do something about it. By the way, I would have never actually done this procedure if it wasn’t offered by my plastic surgeon’s office. I’m very disappointed because I seriously thought that they would never be involved with something like this that doesn’t work for their patients. It’s a huge disappointment and I’ve lost a lot of respect for this doctor, even though he did an amazing job on my breast augmentation.

  13. Glory says

    Hello! Everyone I do Lipo Freeze at my treatment center at Las Vegas, NV our phone number 702-900-3305. Our price is $300/3 treatment each area for new patients and $360/3 treatment each area afterward. Anyone is interest please call us.

  14. Candace says

    I tried this. Spent 2800 on stomache and thighs. No change to stomache and thighs bulge out worse. This won’t do anything for saggy skin.

  15. says


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  16. Jane says

    I cannot believe the DUMB things people post in comments. It’s like your brain was frozen instead.

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