Dr Oz: How To Do CPR With Bob Harper & AED Tutorial


Dr Oz: Bob Harper CPR Revolution

DR-OZ-HOW-TO-DO-CPRAfter Dr Oz shared Bob Haper’s Heart Attack Story and spoke about Widow Maker Heart Attack Warning Signs, he did a fantastic segment on how CPR saved Bob’s life and how to do CPR to save our loved one’s lives!  You can double or triple your friends’ and family members’ chances of survival by learning CPR.  Please spread the word and share this post on social media!

Dr Oz: How To Do CPR

Dr. Oz is doing a CPR Revolution across the country and stressing the following two steps.

Step 1: Call 911

Step 2: Start Chest Compression to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your boat”

And when do you stop doing the chest compressions? NEVER!!! You keep going until the paramedics gets there or you get an AED machine.


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