Dr Oz: Cranky-Free Diet Good Mood Foods & Decadent Chocolate Fix

Dr Oz Good Mood Foods

Dr Oz did a segment on the 6 Surprising Reasons You’re Cranky, and then invited Kate Geagan to join him to give us a Crank-Free Diet plan full of Good Mood Foods.  Geagan told Doctor Oz that you must eat regular meals and snacks to avoid being cranky because you must supply your body with healthy nutrients regularly.  Also, eating every few hours keeps your brain chemistry in check so that you feel happy and energized.

Dr Oz: Omega 3 Trifecta

Doctor Oz’s first Good Mood Food is the ultimate Omega 3 meal, also knows as the Omega 3 Trifecta to Kate Geagan.  Omega 3’s are critical for your brain, Dr Oz Cranky Dietso try to eat a meal such as hemp-crusted salmon with a side of radish sprouts.  Dr Oz said that hemp is great for you and has a wonderful crunchy texture that makes a great crust for foods like salmon.

Dr Oz: UV Light Mushrooms

Dr Oz’s second Good Mood Food is a dish of couscous with UV Mushrooms.  The couscous is rich in Selenium, which helps to prevent you from becoming depressed.  Kate Geagan also said that you should look for UV Light Mushrooms, because in just 1 cup, you get 100% of the vitamin d that you need for a day.

Dr Oz: Dried Tart Cherries

Geagan said that one of her favorite snack fixes is to eat Dried Tart Cherries, the kind without any extra added sugar.  They boost your melatonin naturally so that you will get a better quality sleep and you will wake-up happier.  Dried Tart Cherries are also loaded with antioxidants that help to protect your brain cells.

Dr Oz: Amaranth “Popcorn”

Dr Oz also found a great alternative to popcorn – Amaranth!  Whole grains are key because carbs help to boost the Seratonin in your brain, which is your body’s natural anti-depressant.  Apparently you can pop Amaranth Grains in a similar way to popcorn, but they are slightly nutty.  I am going to pick up some Amaranth at the store tonight so that I can experiment around with “popping” Amaranth.  UPDATE: I have added a post on how to make Amaranth Popcorn based on my experiments!  Click here for complete instructions: Amaranth Popcorn Recipe.

Dr Oz: Decadent Chocolate Fix Recipe

Doctor Oz’s final Good Mood Food is a Decadent Chocolate Fix Recipe made of mejdool dates, avocado and cocoa.  The cocoa give your body a rush of dopamine, and the recipe could not be any simpler.  Click here for the complete recipe and instructions: Dr Oz Decadent Chocolate Fix Recipe.


  1. dave stein says

    how do you pop the amarynth? Is oil needed, I don’t use microwave ovens.

  2. susan vickery says

    I have Diverticulosis , does Amaranth have a hull? Yes! I am very interested. susan v.

  3. says

    I saw Amaranth grain in the health food store but I’m not sure if it is the same as what you popped. It looks way too small to pop. Is there only one kind? If so, how do I pop it?

  4. Shireen says

    I am on menopause and unfortunately i get all its side effects. I have put on a lot of weights and the mood swing is horrible. The heat is unbearable although its winter. I eat a lot between meals.I cannot stick to a diet nor can i go to the gym.Nobody understand me at home.How can you help me to lose weight pls.Thks for all your lovely articles in your newsletter.Shireen

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