Dr Oz: Crimini Mushrooms & Maitake Mushrooms Boost Health

Dr Oz: Mushrooms – Nature’s Disease Fighter

Want to boost your immunity, lose weight, and fight cancer?  In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Registered Dietician, Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD and the author of “Myplate For Moms: How To Feed Yourself And Your Family Better.”  Elizabeth talked about the health benefits of white button, crimini, and maitake mushrooms, which coincidentally, are low in calories and are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Dr Oz: Mushrooms Fight Cancer

Doctor Oz said that White Button Mushroom help to prevent breast and prostate cancer. Dr Oz Mushrooms You can eat them every day if you like.  Elizabeth suggested replacing chips and to use these mushrooms with a dip.

Dr Oz: Crimini Mushrooms for Weight Loss

Crimini Mushrooms: these mushrooms are great for weight loss because they help you feel full.  Elizabeth suggested using 50 percent ground beef and 50 percent mushrooms in dishes because of their meaty, hearty taste.  You’ll cuts calories, cholesterol, and fat.  (Portobello mushrooms are good for this too.)

Dr Oz: Maitake Mushrooms for Heart Health

Maitake Mushrooms: these mushrooms are good for heart health because they are full off antioxidants and potassium, which reduces blood pressure to prevent heart attacks and strokes.  Elizabeth suggested Ming Tsai’s Maitake coffee which sells for $14.95 for 10 oz.

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