Dr Oz: Cryogenic Chamber Therapy: Extreme Alternative Therapies

Dr Oz did a segment called Extreme Alternative Therapies: Help or Hype, and one treatment he spoke about was Cryogenic Chamber Therapy.  You should also read this recap for what Doctor Oz thinks about Colonics!

Dr Oz: Cryo Sauna Pain Management Therapy

Dr Oz said that the application of cold temperatures to all parts of our body is not a new theory – ice packs, for example, Dr Oz Cryosaunahave been around for ages.  The Cryo Sauna or Cryogenic Chamber is said to reduce inflammation and pain.  Does it really help or is it just hype?

Dr Oz: Does Cryogenic Chamber Therapy Work?

Dr Oz said that the Cryo Sauna does work!  Cold Therapy is great for debilitating pain and inflammation.  Why does Cryongenic Therapy Work?  When you exercise and, lets say that you sprain your knee, the blood vessels around the injury start to swell and the tissue underneath gets influenced by all of the white blood cells being released.  The swelling can be addressed by cooling and this shrinks the blood vessels.  Dr Oz said that the Cold Therapy also effects the nerves so that you stop feeling the sense of pain in the area.

Dr Oz: Cold Therapy

Dr Oz had a lady demonstrate how to use the Cryogenic Chamber.  Normally you wear just socks, but his assistant wore more since he was on national television!  The Cryosauna treatment takes around 2.5 minutes, and during that time it rapidly pushes out cold gas.  Dr Oz’s assistant said that it feels like you went out in the snow naked.

Dr Oz: Cryogenic Chamber Therapy Results

Dr Oz’s assistant said that it felt really cold for a couple of minutes, but afterward your skin tingles and you get a hot sensation which feels great and energizing.  Dr Oz said that people have been using the Cryogenic Chamber Therapy in Europe for many years, but it is now available in the US in some spas for $75 – $100.


  1. Patti Sebesta says

    I would like to try the cryogenic chamber therapy I so far an unable to find a location close the Cheyenne, WY or any where at all could you please assist me in a list of location for one of these thanks you


  2. Donna Graham says

    I live in West Virginia, any help regarding a cryogenic chamber in or near Frederick, Md, Hagerstown, Md, or Washington,DC would be helpful. Thank you.

  3. denise says

    I live in Ontario, Canada and am willing to travel anywhere to try any therapy that would help me with my pain. Where is this therapy available?
    Thank you Denise

  4. Estela Brown says

    is there a crogenic chamber in or close to San Bernardino Ca. ?? Anywhere in Southern Calfornia ?? Thank you

  5. Kathrine W says

    where are these treatments available? unable to locate any, anywhere! I am in Nashville, TN area.

  6. Patrick says

    You mention that there are spas where you can get these treatments for $75-100. I can not find where this is available. I live in NC, but will travel anywhere to try it. Thank you.

  7. betty coutant says

    i tried the cryosauna had 6 treatments in mirimar beach fl it was a 10 hour drive from my home but well worth it i couldn’t stay longer and only 2 treatments could be done in one day. Found this place on the computer site from the company that brought this to this country. They are in Texas.

  8. claudia says

    You do not have idea how much a need those therapy for my Mom…. i really apreciatte any guia about the pleaces en Georgia.
    Thank you

  9. says

    Patti Sebesta~ The Cryo Rejuvenation Center will be opening in Boulder CO in the beginning of November. The website should be up within the coming week and we would love to have to come down and try out the Cryo Sauna. Hope to see you soon!

  10. Darlene says

    I am very interested in the cryo chambers. Are there any located in southern california.

  11. says

    You should give Kinetix Health & Performance Center located in Palm Desert, CA (Southern California) a call and schedule an appointment for their in house Cryo-Therapy Chamber! It works wonders for inflammation, arthritis, insomnia and even psoriasis. Clients as young as 13 to 80+ are enjoying its benefits. (760)200-1719 or http://www.kinetixcenter.com

  12. Bill says

    I can save you a lot of money, and you won’t have to look very far. Fill your bathtub with cold water, even add ice if you like. Sit in it for five minutes. Presto! You’re cured of all your ills. Another miracle cure from Dr. Oz. He can testify about this before congress at his next visit.

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