Dr Oz: Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction with Brad Lamm & Louie


Doctor Oz brought a Crystal Methamphetamine addict named Louie onto his show along with Brad Lamm.  Louie had a beautiful family with children, a thriving dental practice, but then he got hooked on drugs and became a Crystal Meth addict.  Louie said that he started taking Crystal Meth to stay awake during dental school.  Then when Louie started his dental practice, he would smoke Crystal Meth in his car and go downtown to get drunk and high, so he could hide it from his wife.  Now he has lost his home, his wife, his job and basically everything.  Louie gets to see his kids every other weekend now.  Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction


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    Hi Brad… Dr Oz only puts certain segments on his website, and this segment unfortunately is not there. If you happen to live in the NY area, the episode will be on again tomorrow at 11 am.

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