Dr Oz: Curcumin Prevents Pancreatic Cancer & More Solutions

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Dr Oz: Curcumin Prevents Pancreatic Cancer & More Solutions

By on September 20, 2011

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Warning Signs

Dr Oz’s show today covered the biggest risks and solutions to stop some of the most dangerous cancers that could be growing inside of you.  Some cancers grow slowly, but others grow so fast that by the time you notice the warning signs, it could be too late.  Doctor Oz said that Pancreatic Cancer is like a ticking time bomb and is one of the cancers that you are most likely to miss, which is why it is also one of the most deadly cancers.  Dr Oz said that 44,000 people will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer this year, and of those individuals, 38,000 of them will die.  Patrick Swayze is just one famous person who lost his life to this deadly form of Cancer.  Your pancreas is located deep inside of your body, so finding a tumor is nearly impossible which gives the cancer time to spread even further.  Here are some Pancreatic Cancer Warning Signs:

– Abdominal Pain and Back Pain

– Weight Loss

– Clay / white (or light) colored stools

Dr Elizabeth Jaffee said we have no effective screening methods for Pancreatic Cancer, and by the time you are showing symptoms, it is usually too late to cure the cancer with a surgery.  Dr Steve Standiford said that with every cancer, you have to know the enemy you are dealing with and your possible risks so that you can help figure out how likely you are to get it.

Dr Oz showed a healthy pancreas and one with Pancreatic Cancer.  The pancreas with the cancer in it felt harder because the cancer was suffocating the tissue.  How can the cancer grow so large though without us knowing about it?  Doctor Oz showed has the pancreas is located behind the stomach, next to the intestines and with the gall bladder up above.  He said it is like being in the middle of all of the train stations, but because of its location, it is also very well hidden.  When the ducts in your pancreas get blocked, you can start to digest your own pancreas.  Also, Pancreatic Cancer can block off bile ducts which can make you turn jaundice and yellowish in appearance.  The Pancreatic Cancer can spread throughout your intestinal system, and by that point, it is nearly impossible to catch up with the cancer.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors

Dr Oz said that the following three Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors can help to give you a sense of how likely you are to get this form of cancer:

Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factor #1

Two or more family members have Pancreatic Cancer, Breast Cancer or Ovarian Cancer.  Family history can play a big part in Dr Oz Curcumindetermining your risk.  About 10% of Pancreatic cancers are inherited from parent to child.  If you have one family member under the age of 50 who has one of these types of cancer, you could be at an increased risk and you might want to consider seeing a genetic specialist.

Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factor #2

Drinking more than one alcoholic drink per day or more than two sodas per week.  If you drink lots of alcohol over a long period of time, it can cause Pancreatitis, which can cause Pancreatic cancer.  Dr Jaffee told Dr Oz that some studies have linked high sugar drinks to Pancreatic Cancer as well, but more studies still need to be done in this area.

Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factor #3

If you have Type 2 Diabetes, you also have an increased risk of getting Pancreatic Cancer.  It is well known that people with Type 2 Diabetes have a problem with the hormone insulin.  If you have too much insulin, your cells might grow more which can lead to cancerous cells.

Dr Oz said that if you are at a high risk, you should speak to your doctor and make sure they discuss your family history.  Ask about the possibility of having a genetic test done.  You can also have a blood test and ultrasound to test for Pancreatic Cancer.

Dr Oz: Pancreatic Cancer Solutions

Doctor Oz also gave a list of three Pancreatic Cancer Solutions to help cut your risk of getting this deadly form of cancer:

Pancreatic Cancer Solution #1

Cut down on fatty red meats and processed meats (like deli meats).  Dr Standiford said that there was a study done on 33,000 people that showed that people who eat fatty red meats, processed meats, or well done meats have an increased risk of getting Pancreatic Cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Solution #2

Add two servings of red and yellow vegetables to your dinner every night.  These vegetables contain flavinoids that are potent cancer fighters.  Some red and yellow vegetables you can try include tomatoes, yam, squash, red peppers and yellow peppers.  Also, Dr Standiford said you should make sure to get in your 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Pancreatic Cancer Solution #3: Curcumin

Take Curcumin (750 mg twice a day), which is an ingredient naturally found in the spice Turmeric.  Curcumin has been shown in a lab setting to inhibit the growth of Pancreatic Cancer and can even prevent it altogether, at least in theory.

Dr Oz: Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center

Dr Oz encouraged everyone to donate to the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center (in memory of Lillian Goldman), because they are funding revolutionary cancer research.  You can make your donations to this great organization here.

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