Dr Oz: Cushing’s Disease 20 Year Battle & Weight Gain Warning


Dr Oz: Cushing’s Disease & Sudden Weight Gain

Dr. Oz is talking to a woman about her battle with a scary disease, that when left untreated could lead to morbid obesity and the potential of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. Her story is incredible and hearing it may save your life or the life of someone that you love.

Dr Oz: One Woman’s Battle with Cushing’s Disease

Dr. Oz introduced to a 34 year-old woman named Lori. Lori was a healthy young girl until at the age of 14 she suddenly experienced a huge amount of weight gain, which her doctor suspected was due to an eating disorder. Lori knew this was not the case and her mother finally took her to an endocrinologist who diagnosed her with Cushing’s disease.


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