Dr Oz: Cutting Edge Weight Loss Plan: Weight Watchers Points Plus

By on January 19, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment called the Cutting Edge Plan to Lose Weight.  If you are fed up with being overweight and want to change, Doctor Oz said that he has just the Cutting Edge Plan for us.  This segment seemed to mainly be a promotion for the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan, but here is what they said so that we can apply the tips to any diet that we may be on.

Dr Oz: Cutting Edge Plan to Lose Weight

Dr Oz brought on a mom that had just lost 30 pounds when she happily learned that she was having a baby.Dr Oz Cutting Edge Diet Plan She gained it all back during her pregnancy and her baby was born in August.  Although she says that being a mom is the most amazing experience, she still feels pregnant because the weight is just not coming off.  She is even wearing a girdle – an old Victorian Secret.  She wants to lose the baby weight badly and go Girdle-Free!

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan

The mom said that the hardest part about being a new mom is the sleep deprivation.  You have to balance career, being a wife, and being a mom so you are left with almost no time for yourself.  Dr Oz asked her why she is ready to make the change now.  She said that she cannot take it anymore.  She wants to be a hot, attractive, young mom and not a chunky mom.

Dr Oz Truth Tube Results

Her Truth Tube Results were:

Weight – 173 pounds

Waist – 34″

Body Fat – 38.7%

BMI – 33.8 (anything over 30 is obese)

Dr Oz: Impedance Device Measures Body Fat & BMI

I know that all of you want to know what that cool device was that Dr Oz used to measure her Body Fat and BMI.  It is called an Impedance Device and uses a Bioelectrical Impedance Method to determine your BMI and Body Fat.  In many ways, this device is even better at tracking your progress than a scale!

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers New Plan: Points Plus

Dr Oz was joined by Liz Josefsberg who said that Weight Watchers just launched their Points Plus program, which is a brand new formula based on the latest science that takes into consideration that not all calories are created equally.  Calories are made up of protein, fat, carbs, and fiber – and your body processes each of these differently.  For example, a breakfast with an egg omelet and a plate of strawberries is the same amount of points as a glass of milk and a small bowl of cereal – but the first option is higher in protein and lower in carbs and fat, so it will fill you up better.

The second important thing to note about the Weight Watcher Points Plus Plan is that fruits are free and have a 0 point value.  So you can eat as much fruit as you want and will never be hungry.  The third point of the plan is that you should not deprive yourself.  Every member of the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program has 49 points of allowance points that can be used outside of your daily allowance so that you can still have the things you really love like chocolate, wine, pizza, cheesecake, etc.

Dr Oz: Secret Weight Loss Tips for Moms

Dr Oz asked Liz Josefsberg if she had any weight loss tips for moms.  Josefsberg said that you have to make it all about convenience.  Spend an extra dollar and buy the cut up pineapple, because if you open the fridge and see a full pineapple you are more likely to go to the cupboard and eat a cookie out of convenience.  You should keep your pantry stocked with frozen fruits, vegetables, and canned vegetables.  For new moms, it is all about having an environment built around convenience.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Cutting Edge Weight Loss Plan: Weight Watchers Points Plus

  1. slendereyes says:

    where can I find the jeans that Fatima Robinson was wearing during her workout for the “soul train video”?

  2. Diane Benoit says:

    Dr Oz: Watch show as often as possible-am 71 need to be on a diet, plan on joining
    Weight Watchers. Am diabetic – 20 years or so. have been at 6.5 for a long time
    but went to 7.0 when I switched from Actos to Januvamet (?). Am on glyburides,pravastatin
    and lisinopril as well as Januvamet (?) or Janumet. Weight has started going down 5 lbs in
    3 months – Worried about diet on weight watchers.

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