Dr Oz: Dangerous Beauty Products & Makeup Counter Risks


Doctor Oz did a segment called “Dangerous Beauty” to teach us about the hazards at the makeup counter.  Are you using makeup that is hazardous to your health?  Do you know what is in your makeup?  Every day, women generally use around a dozen beauty products.  We spend $30 billion each year on cosmetic purchases.  One of my favorite thing to do when I’m walking through the mall is to have my makeup done at the makeup counter – it is a great and economical way to give you a pick-me-up and feel fabulous.  However, the makeup displays can be like a petri dish and have e-coli, strep, and yeast.  In fact, the test showed that 100% of makeup tested on Saturdays was tainted.  Here is Dr Oz’s list of 3 ways that beauty products put you at risk.  Dangerous Beauty Products

3 Ways Beauty Products Are Dangerous

1.  Bacteria at the Makeup Counter

Paula Begoun joined Dr Oz and said that feces, e-coli and other nasty bacterias were found in makeup testers at the counter.  Try these tips to approach the counter smartly next time:


  1. Mike says

    Does the percentage of hydroquinone in a cream determine how white your skin will turn, or how long it will take it to turn white?

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