Dr Oz: Dangerous Doctor: Top 3 Reasons You Dislike Your Doctors


Doctor Oz did a show called Dangerous Doctors: Is Your MD Hazardous To Your Health?  One of the most important relationships that you have, which is almost as intimate as your marriage, is your relationship with your doctor.  Your health is literally in their hands.  So why don’t you trust your doctor?  Why don’t you like your doctor?  Why do doctors seem like they care more about money and their schedule than your health?  Dr Oz was joined by Dr Kimberly Manning, an internist and professor at Emory University, and Dr Evelyn Minaya, an Ob-Gyn in New Jersey, to discuss the top three reasons you dislike your doctor.

Dr Oz: Doctors Order Unnecessary Medical Tests

You want to trust your doctor, but thousands of people voted on Dr Oz’s website for the reasons they do not like their doctors.  Some problems include that Dr Oz Why You Dislike Your Doctordoctors are performing unessential tests and scans for profit or to avoid lawsuits.  In fact, Dr Oz said that study found that up to 1/3 of all medical tests are unnecessary.  This business oriented and defensive medicine is impacting your wallet, and more importantly, your health.  In McAllen, Texas for example, the number of procedures and health care costs have skyrocketed, but the health of their residents are not better and in some cases are even worse.

Dr Oz: Why You Don’t Like Your Doctor

Doctor Oz asked Dr Kimberley Manning where is the breakdown between doctors and patients?  She said that communication is key.  Most of us have a clear agenda when we go to see our doctor, and if they do not take the time to understand and address that agenda, then we leave feeling disappointed.  Dr Oz asked Dr Evelyn Minaya why do women so often feel that their doctor is not there for them?  She said it is a lot of things.  Women who go to female doctors feel like they are friends and want to share more things than usual – including information about their marriage and their kids for example.  When you call to make your doctor’s appointment, you have to make it clear how much time you want for your visit.  Do you want an annual exam that takes a while and checks everything?  Or do you just need a quick in and out appointment?  Or do you want a consultation to talk about things that are bothering you and so you want a good amount of time allocated to you?

Dr Oz: Too Many Medical Tests

The number three reason that people told Dr Oz that they dislike their doctor is because they are so quick to write out prescriptions and to order medical tests.  One lady told Doctor Oz that she has been going to her doctor because she feels like she is going to pass out a lot, and he has ordered a MRI, a MRA, and a whole slew of other tests, but so far it just feels like she is going for test after test after test.  Dr Manning explained that certain conditions can have so many causes.  For example, if you have a headache, it could be the result of a sleep disorder, but your doctor would only be able to figure that out if he knew about your medical history of sleeping disorders.  Also, for each step of the way, you have to ask your doctor how likely a medical test is to change the outcome of what he does.  If the test will not change what he does, you have to question if it makes logical sense to even do the test.


  1. Maria Vilar-Blanco says

    My sister in law, had a kidney stone and she went to emergency room she has been charged $22.000, for only 3 hours, then Dr order her an scan to locate the stone, she went 15 days ago, and the Dr doesn’t give her the results, instead she send her to an Urologist.
    I think we have the right to have the results, am I all right, what do you think sje could do about, she is 57 years old.
    I would appreciate your help

  2. Susan Schulman says

    I have written several times about signifcant medical problems I have.Along with the doctors
    I have. I include y0u for I need your help and included signficant medical history including
    mitral valve prolapse. I value your expertise and you seem to geniunely care so one day when you have more than “two Minutes” I hope you will answer me

  3. Joe says

    I’m not a doctor but I do understand somewhat why doctors want to protect themselves simply because of the reality — too many law suits.

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