Dr Oz: Dangerous Fashion: Cinched Belt & Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Dr Oz: Fashion Health Police

Dr Oz blew the whistle on fashion violations that could be hurting your health.  Do you know which shoes, belts and sunglasses could be hurting you?  Lori Bergamotto, from Lucky Magazine, said that designers and manufacturers are becoming more and more conscious of comfort in fashion and they really want their items to be wearable.  Here are some fashion trends that Doctor Oz, a.k.a. the Fashion Health Police, said to avoid.

Dr Oz: Cinched Waist Belt Dangers

Dr Oz’s first question for us was whether a Cinched Waist Belt or a Metallic Skinny Belt was a health hazard.  The answer is Dr Oz Dangerous Fashion Trendsthat the Cinched Waist Belt can be dangerous because it is tight and pulls on your waist, which can cause indigestion and heartburn.  Plus, unless you are super skinny, Cinched Waist Belts can create lumps and bumps.  Instead, opt for a Skinny Belt in metallic or bright colors.  You can wear them lower on your waist and Lori Bergamotto even said that you can layer them if you want to get more surface area.

Dr Oz: Ankle Strap Wedges Danger

Doctor Oz’s second question was which is a health hazard: Ankle Strap Wedges or Gladiator Sandals?  As many of us probably guessed, it is the Ankle Strap Wedges that can cause ankle sprains and blisters.  The problem is that this is one of the hottest shoes for the spring, so what is a gal to do?  Bergamotto said to look for a wedge that has ankle support, which will help prevent ankle sprains.  And to prevent getting blisters, wear the shoes around your house for an hour or so while wearing gym socks on your feet.  This will help to stretch the shoes out so that you can avoid blisters.

Dr Oz: Metal Aviator Sunglasses Allergy

Dr Oz’s final question was which is a health hazard: metal aviator sunglasses or plastic over-sized sunglasses?  The answer is that Metal Aviator Sunglasses can causes allergic reactions from the metal frames, especially when you sweat.  This allergic reaction can even causes rashes around your eyes.  Instead, look for the same great Aviator Style made out of plastic instead.  That way you will get the same slick look, but without worrying about the sweating or allergic reactions.


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    I was wondering what brand were those wedges that were featured on April 25 show? I have been searching the web but with no results. Please send me where I can buy those great looking shoes.

    Claudia Garcia

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