Dr Oz: Dangerous Lies Women Tell Doctors: I Am Monogamous


Dr Oz said that what your doctor does not know may kill you.  Are you lying to your doctor because you are afraid to be judged or scolded?  Doctor Oz said that even little white lies can have huge medical consequences. Dr Oz Lies Women Tell Doctors

Lie #1: I’m Up To Date on Medical Tests

Dr Oz knows that many of us only go to the doctor when we have the flu, at which point the doctor might ask us if we are up to date on tests and screenings.  If you are not up to date on medical tests, but you say that you are, you could be keeping early signs of heart disease, diabetes and cancer from being found.  So do not subscribe to the idea that “if it is not broke, don’t fix it,” even if you do not like needles.

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