Dr Oz: Dangerous Radiation: Are We Overusing CT Scans?


Dr Oz did a segment called “Oz Alert: Dangerous Radiation: Are You At Risk?” where he discussed a topic that all of us are wondering about – how much is too much radiation whether it comes from Airport Scanners, Dental X-Rays or CT Scans.  Doctor Oz asked the questions – are we overusing CT Scans (pronounced Cat Scans)?

Dr Oz: Are We Overusing CT Scans?

Dr Oz said that CT Scans are important for helping to detect tumors and heart blockages.  But now Dr Oz Cat Scan RadiationCT Scans are used for all sorts of things from stomach pain to headaches.  In 1980, 3 million CT Scans were ordered and by 2008 that number was up to 90 million CT Scans ordered.  Two new studies show that we are using more radiation than previously thought, and this could be leading to an increased risk for getting cancer.


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    I watched Dr. Oz show from Dec. 14th on Radiation and overusing CT Scans. As a former Breast Cancer patient and on going treament with Arimidex and concerns with bone injuries. I was wanting to print out the sheet of Questions and was unable to find it. Your show said it was easy. I noticed another person also had trouble finding it. Could you please send a copy to my email address. Iam seeing my Dr in March for a Bone Scan and I am concerned on the radiation.

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