Dr Oz: Dangerous Shoes & Anti-Friction Sticks: Flip Flops, Wedges

Doctor Oz did a segment on Shoe Dangers to teach us about how dangerous shoes like flip flops, wedges and slingbacks can be.  Plus, Dr Oz gave some great tips for how to make sure your shoes are safe.  One of my favorite tips is to use an Anti-Friction Stick to prevent blisters – an Anti-Friction Stick seriously saved my feet during my wedding day!  Anti-Friction Sticks

Dangers of Flip Flops – Plantar Fascia Tears

Dr Oz said many podiatrists consider flip flops to be the most dangerous shoes we wear.  Flip Flops are potentially even more dangerous than stiletto heels!  The problem is that under the bone in the arch of your foot is a thick connective tissue called the Plantar Fascia, which runs from the heel of your foot to your toes.  When you step and put weight on your foot, if there is no arch support, you can get tears in your Plantar Fascia that do not heal since there is not a lot of blood supply in that area.  These tears in your Plantar Fascia can cause sharp pain in your ankles and feet in the morning when you get out of bed.  However, you can get Flip Flops with better arch support and a bit of elevation in your heel.  I think the flip flops Dr Oz showed were called FitFlops.  Did anyone else get a close look at the flip flops to confirm that they were Fit Flops?  Please leave a comment below if you know!

Dangers of Wedges – Twisted Ankle

Wedges are shoes that have a wedge heel.  I am similar to Dr Oz’s other view and like wedges because they seem to have a wider and more stable heel.  Dr Oz said that the problem with wedges is if you misstep in either direction, you will get lots of lateral tension and the tendons around your foot can tear and will not heal well.  Dr Oz said that if you are going to wear wedges, pick wedges with heels that are 2.5 inches high or shorter so that you are not as prone to twisting your ankle and getting a sprained ankle.

Dangers of Slingbacks – Blisters & Anti-Friction Sticks

Dr Oz said that especially in the summer, when there is heat and we tend to sweat and have moisture on our skin, the pressure created on our skin by slingback shoes can cause blisters.  Dr Oz said that you can try putting talc powder or baby powder on your foot, or try Anti-Friction Sticks.  I am a major fan of the Anti-Friction Stick!  In fact, I have one that I keep in my bathroom and my purse is never without an Anti-Friction Stick!


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    I thought so Shannon. FitFlops have come far – they used to be available only in white colored soles, which I was not a huge fan of because they get dirty very quickly (especially in a place like Manhattan)… but the new FitFlops with the darker soles and metallic colored upper portion are really quite cute looking!

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