Dr Oz: Dangers For Short Sleep Type Include Increased Risk Of Stroke


Dr Oz: Dangers Of Different Sleep Types

Dr. Oz talked with sleep expert Dr. Michael Bruess and Dr. Michael Grander about the four different sleep types Dr. Grander found when he conducted a study about the relationship between sleep and diet. Did you know sleeping less than four hours a night is a serious health risk? Keep reading to find out what other health risks the different sleep types pose.

Dr Oz: Over Sleep Type Could Be Sign Of Narcolepsy

Dr. Bruess said there are a number of risks associated with the very short sleep type, the short sleep type and the over sleep type.


  1. Dorothy Wasmundt says

    I have been waking up 2-3-4 times a night to use bathroom and constantly getting interrupted sleep. I had a TIA Dec 2012. I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea. I now use my machine and sleep right through the night with no waking up (I now get a good 8 hr sleep) and feel rested in the morning. I had scheduled a urology appointment for my bladder but was told to wait and see if using my machine worked and it did. What a relief!

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