Dr. Oz: David Held’s Bypass Heart Surgery & Heart Healthy Recipes


Doctor Oz did quadruple bypass heart surgery on David Held two months ago, and David’s post-operative visit was on Dr. Oz’s show.  David Held is a retired cop with 2 children.  David had his first heart attack 13 years ago, when he had stints put in his heart.  Along with blood pressure problems and diabetes, his heart attack inspired him to get healthy and to change his lifestyle.  However, David retired early due to an injury, and he then stopped exercising and eating healthy.  His blood pressure went up and before you know it, he was told that he needed quintuple bypass heart surgery.


  1. judy dray says

    I want to get the recipes for turkey sausage and peppers & eggplant rollatini. I saw them on the show and think they would be a wonderful addition to my new healthy eating lifestyle.

  2. Sudhirr Adap says

    Respected Doctor,

    I Sudhir Adap aged (41 years) had CABG on March 19th 2014, can u guide me how will my life be after CABG and what diet should i maintain.

    Thank You

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