Dr. Oz: Deadly Play: The Choking Game Warning Signs


The Choking Game is played by children, either when they are alone or with other kids. The purpose is to suffocate themselves and cut off the blood supply from their brain. When they go lightheaded, they loosen the belt or scarf that is suffocating them, and then their brain fills with a rush of blood, which gives them a natural and legal high. 82 children died playing the Choking Game since 1995, and some people estimate that 1000 children die every year from this deadly game. Dr. G, the Medical Examiner, said there has been a resurgence of children playing the Choking Game in the past 5-10 years as young kids are trying to get a cheap high. So what are the warning signs that you should be looking for to help save your children’s lives? This is a must read for anyone with children – don’t forget to pass this on to your friends and family!

How can you tell if a person has committed suicide or died from The Choking Game? When you play the Choking Game, a ligature mark that is a slight horizontal bruising will show, whereas with most suicide cases there tends to be more of an inverted v than a horizontal line bruise.


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  2. Kelly says

    we have lost at least one teenager (possibly more) to this horrendous practice in our small city. We can’t afford to lose even one.

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