Dr Oz & Deepak Chopra: Meditate To Lose Weight: 5 Minute Meditation

By on January 5, 2011

Dr Oz did a show with Deepak Chopra, an Alternative Health All-Star, who taught us How To Meditate to Lose Weight and the Secrets to Reverse Aging.  Doctor Oz said that Deepak Chopra’s approach combines the body, mind, and spirit and that he is considered one of the rock stars of alternative treatment.  In March of 2010, Chopra was on the Dr Oz Show and here is a recap from that appearance (just in case you missed it!): Alternative Health

Dr Oz: Meditate to Lose Weight With Deepak Chopra

Dr Oz knows that many of us made losing weight our New Years Resolution, but did you know that you Dr Oz Meditate to Lose Weightcould meditate to lose weight?  Over half of us are trying to lose weight but, unfortunately, 80% of us will gain back all of the pounds we lose.  If you have tried diets and failed to lose weight, meditation could be the answer.  Meditation can help with mindless eating, lack of will power, and portion control.

Dr Oz & Deepak Chopra: How To Tell If You Are Hungry

Dr Oz asked Depak Chopra how we can tell if we are hungry.  Deepak said that people eat for two reasons: physical hunger or emotional hunger.  If you eat because you are emotionally hungry, you gain weight.  If you make a fist, that is the size of your empty stomach.  If you open both hands and fold them in just slightly, that is about 2 pounds worth of food which fills up around 2/3 of the stomach – leaving 1/3 of the stomach for digestion which leaves you feeling energetic.  If you fill up your stomach to its capacity, you get bloated and feel sick to the stomach.

Deepak Chopra said that before you eat, ask yourself how hungry you really are and only eat when you are hungry.  Also, it is important to stop when you feel great, which is why you must ask yourself what your hunger level is and really understand how it feels to be hungry.

Dr Oz & Deepak Chopra: How to Meditate to Lose Weight

Dr Oz asked Deepak Chopra how meditation can help you to lose weight.  Chopra said that meditation can bring your metabolism up and it becomes self-regulating in a homeostasis state, which is where everything is unaffected by what is going on outside of your body, so you lose weight.  Dr Oz said that if you are chronically stressed, the hormones from the Fight or Flight phenomenon get trapped in your body and make you gain belly fat.  If you meditate, your hormones are soothed and you do not get to this state and increase your belly fat.  Deepak Chopra also said that meditation increases your telomeres, which Dr Oz discussed in the previous segment here: Secrets to Reverse Aging.

Dr Oz said that some people will think that this concept of meditating to lose weight is a bit “out there” but he says it really works and it has been vitally important to countless patients he has seen.  It only takes 5 minutes, so why not give Deepak Chopra’s Meditation a try!

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Meditation

Here are the steps that Deepak Chopra walked everyone through to do a Weight Loss Meditation on the Dr Oz Show.

1.  Put your feet firmly on the ground so that they do not cross.

2.  Put your hands on your lap with your palms facing up.

3.  Close your eyes and pay attention to your heart.

4.  Experience gratitude by thinking of blessings and counting your blessings.  Be grateful for everything good in your life.  Let your ego move out of the way.

5.  Recall an experience of love like someone you love or someone who loves you.

6.  Keep your attention on your heart and ask yourself a few questions like the following: Who Am I? Do not try to figure out the answer, just let your heart answer and guide you.  What do I want?  What is my purpose?  What makes me happy?

7.  Observe all of the sensations in your body.  This step is all about simple awareness of your body.  Bring awareness into your breathe and breathe air in through your nostrils.  Observe as the air moves in and out.  As you take a breathe in, think of the word “so” and as you breathe out, think of the word “hum.”  When your mind starts to wander, this is normal, just bring it back to “so” on your in breathe and “hum” on your out breathe.

8.  Keep your eyes closed and keep your attention on your heart.  Focus on sensing your heart beat as either a sound or a sensation.

9.  Move your awareness into your open hands and finger tips.  See if you can sense your heartbeat in your fingertips as a warm, tingling sensation or mild throbbing.

10.  Bring awareness back to your heart and relax you body.  Yawn, move, or stretch if you want.  Take half a minute and gently open your eyes.

Deepak Chopra: Why Meditation to Lose Weight Works

Deepak Chopra explained why the Weight Loss Meditation above works.  In the first steps, he told us to sit in a relaxed posture, put our attention on our hearts, and to experience gratitude and love.  When you do this, the neurons in the emotional section of your brain begin to fire.  There is a saying that “neurons that fire together wire together” – so, in this step, we are wiring together our neurons for emotional happiness.

Next, Deepak told us to focus on questions look who am I? And what makes me happy?  This activates the pre-frontal cortex which is in charge of cognition and our thoughts, so we are re-wiring the synapses there.

Deepak Chopra said to scan your body for sensations, which stimulates the part of your brain where you monitor experiences.  Finally, you pull your attention to your heartbeat in your fingers and it is amazing that by doing that you actually increase your blood flow to your hands and your blood pressure drops by 10 points.  The more you do this, the more you lower your blood pressure.  You can actually learn to regulate your heart beat and to change your body temperature too.  Deepak said that you are overwriting your mid-brain by doing this.

Dr Oz: Free Deepak Chopra Trip Giveaway

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