Dr Oz: Deeprak Chopra’s Secrets to Reverse Aging & 6 Tastes of Life


Dr Oz did a show with Deepak Chopra, an Alternative Health All-Star, who taught us Secrets to Reverse Aging and How to Meditate to Lose Weight.  Doctor Oz said that Deepak Chopra’s approach combines the body, mind, and spirit and that he is considered one of the rock stars of alternative treatment.  In March of 2010, Chopra was on the Dr Oz Show and here is a recap from that appearance (just in case you missed it!): Alternative Health

Who is Deepak Chopra?

Deepak Chopra has been building bridges between the ancient practices of his country – India – and US medical treatments for years.  In America, we look at our body as a physical machine, but Chopra says that our brain, body and environment are all integrated.  Your thoughts can affect your health.  In fact, there is an enormous potential to re-wire our brain to help ourselves recover because our emotions and our biology are strongly connected.  Deepak Chopra has started a multi-media movement and has written 60 books, including his latest book called The Soul of Leadership. Deeprak Chopra Secrets to Reverse Aging

Dr Oz & Deepak Chopra: How to Reverse Aging

Deepak Chopra told Dr Oz that our genes are very fluid.  We have 500 genes that influence things like inflammation, heart disease and cancer.  You have the power to turn off the bad genes and to turn on the good ones.


  1. says

    Where do you register to be eligable to go to Dr. Chopra’s place. Why say something on TV and then make it ultimately difficult to acquire it.

  2. Joe says

    When it comes to this sort of alternative medicine, one always wants to ask where is the scientific evidence, especially when you say something you do or you eat helps stop telomere shortening.

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