Dr Oz: Dentist Office Prevents Heart Disease, Dementia & Cancer


Doctor Oz did an episode called “The Lifesaving Appointment You Must Make This Year” on how to prevent health problems by making regular visits to your dentist’s office. The dentist can help prevent and detect Heart Disease, Dementia and Cancer.  All of us know that we should not skip our visits to the dentist, but the thought of the metal pick scraping your tooth’s enamel and the possibility of drilling out a cavity are enough to make many of us push off going to the dentist for as long as we can.  However, your dentist can help detect early warning signs of serious medical conditions like heart disease, lung disease, cancer, strokes and even Diabetes.  1 in 4 people have untreated tooth decay and many other people have gum disease.  Dr Oz was joined by Dr Jonathan Levine, a dentist, who said that a dentist is the first line of defense for your health.  Dentists are Dental Detectives and you want them to get in there early to see if you have any warning signs of big medical problems. Dr Oz: Dentist Prevent Diseases

1. Dentists Prevent Heart Disease

Dentist Jonathan Levine told Dr Oz that heart disease can be caused by plaque, which is the thick substance that you can form on your teeth at night.  Plaque can cause decay and the more plaque you get, the higher your risk for getting heart disease.  What happens is that as you let the food sit on your teeth, bacteria starts to form a hardened plaque made of minerals.  The plaque is what your dentist scrapes off with a metal tool.


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