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Dr Oz’s Detox Review

On the Dr Oz Show today, he had 3 Dr Oz Fans try out 3 different types of cleanses, or detoxes. Although people use cleanses to lose weight, Dr Oz stressed that cleanses were meant for just that — to cleanse the body of toxins. Losing weight is one of the side benefits.  Dr Oz said that all detoxes are not designed for weight loss and, with some, you end up losing muscle rather than fat.  Marcy tried a liquid cleanse, Maureen tried a juice cleanse, and Annette attempted the cleanse that contains protein.  Read on to find out how each woman fared in the detox department.

Dr Oz: Liquid Cleanse Review

Marcy tried the 1 drink six to twelve times a day cleanse.  The drink consisted of such ingredients as maple juice, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.  Marcy also had to drink a glass of water with laxative tea at night.


  1. dottie raynes says

    dr. oz I waited all week to hear your detox cleanse, so here I set with pin in hand to write every thing that you said so I could start my detox this week end. now i’m disapointed you talked to fast I could not keep up with you, I don’t trust the detoxs on the market but i just knew i could trust yours so now I still don’t know, so would you send me every thing you showed on your progam I really want to do this detox. I trust you completely on your advise and watch you every day at 4.p.m on channel two here in pcb.fl. always dottie

  2. Charlotte Beall says

    Dr. Oz,
    I tried to write down your 48-hour cleanse program, but due to time contraints, I couldn’t keep up with it and only got as far as the beginning of the breakfast recipe with Quinoa. Where can I find the entire program’s recipes to copy, or is it possible for you to email it to me? Like Dottie Raynes, I trust you and what you advocate and won’t try any other cleanse.

    Charlotte Beall

  3. suzanne says

    find the sidebar on the right (dr oz fans recent posts) and click on “dr oz: 48 hour cleanse detox…” recipes will be there

  4. carla grif says

    Check out blessedherbs.com
    talk about a cleanse that works…wow
    Look @ the testimonials…im on it now and believe me it works!!!!

  5. says

    in todays show(3-7-13) you said that u would have a grocery list of all the things to buy for the 3 day detox liquid diet. I cannot find it in in your web site. please send me the list and how to make it.

  6. Anne Welsh says

    Dear Dr. Oz:
    I didn’t get an opportunity to try the 14 day offer. Then, my credit card was billed for the full amount of $88.56 (ActiveCleanse) and $95.36 (Lypothin). I thought the billing referenced the next shipment, so I waited for it to arrive. I was going to return it via Return to Sender. It didn’t arrive. Then, I received another shipment and my credit card was once again billed for this ridiculous amount. So, I called and was told that I could not return the initial shipment; I was stuck for $183.92. However, I could return the second shipment. Understand, this would be at my cost. Even though, both products are housed in the same warehouse; I needed to send separate packages because they are in separate areas. So, they can’t forward the packages to the other side of the warehouse themselves?
    Well, I can’t afford to lose another $183.92; so, I will follow their directions. However, every site pertaining to this product will hear of my experience; and I will be reading more of the fine print in the future.
    I am surprised that a great doctor like you would be associated with such crappy (no pun intended) business practices.
    Anne M. Welsh

  7. says

    I received an offer for a FREE TRIAL of this product for just the shipping cost. I ordered it and immediately after my credit card was charged for shipping, I received an e-mail where it stated that I would automatically be billed for $89.99 if I didn’t cancel within 15 days. I called an cancelled the day that I received the TRIAL BOTTLE (that I thought was free). They tell me that if I don’t want the bottle, I have return the unused portion since the bottle contains 30 days and the free amount is only for 15 days. I am returned the unopened bottle and am very disappointed YOU are associated with this unscrupulous business practice!!!! It is highway robbery!!!

  8. says

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