Dr Oz: Diarrhea & Constipation Fighting Foods: Peppermint Tea & BOAT

By on September 15, 2011

Dr Oz: Poop Friendly Foods

Dr Oz did a show all about your Poop & Pee, and then did this segment on Poop-Friendly Foods to keep you regular and to get your poop into the perfect “S” shape!  Doctor Oz’s assistant said that she often gets constipated a couple of times per week, probably from her habit of eating lots of pasta and bagels.  Dr Oz showed her a sample of what a real gut looks like – from the rectum, to the colon, to the small intestines to the stomach – it is very long when it is all stretched out, and that is what your food has to get through before you can poop it out.

Doctor Oz said that one of the reasons he is always so concerned about people eating white foods (like white pasta and white bread) is because it has to travel throughout your whole system, and white foods tend to turn into toothpaste by the time it hits your intestines.  So as your body tries to squeeze toothpaste out, it just does not move and goes back and forth instead.  This is why you need to eat fiber and roughage to clean your insides out.  Insoluble fiber is crucial and you find it in grains like whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, whole wheat pizza, etc.  Next time you are tempted to eat a white food, think about having toothpaste in your gut!

Dr Oz: Peppermint Tea for Constipation

Dr Oz’s next helper was a lady named Maryanne who said that she has been on medication for a year and has a big problem with Dr Oz Diarrhea Fighting Foods constipation now, even though she was totally regular before started the medicine.  Doctor Oz said that medications can slow down the motility of your intestinal tract, which can lead to constipation.  Peppermint Herbal Tea is a great natural way to speed up the motility of your intestinal tract, plus it tastes great and will not keep you up all night!

Dr Oz: BOAT Foods for Diarrhea

Dr Oz’s final guest, Lisa, said that she has a very loose stool in the mornings, but she does not know what is causing her Diarrhea.  Doctor Oz asked her if she eats a lot of diet foods and artificial sweeteners, because that is probably the biggest cause of Diarrhea in this country.  Coffee can also cause Diarrhea, and is possibly the second most common Diarrhea cause.  Dr Oz said that the reason that artificial sweeteners make you have Diarrhea is because they are not absorbed by your body, so it fools your body into making Diarrhea.  So you should try to eliminate Artificial Sweeteners altogether, and instead just use 1 tsp of sugar which only has 16 calories anyway.  Dr Oz also said to remember the acronym BOAT for breakfast, which stands for Bananas Oatmeal Applesauce and Toast (whole grain of course!).  Eating these BOAT foods can help to stop Diarrhea as well.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Diarrhea & Constipation Fighting Foods: Peppermint Tea & BOAT

  1. Cara Morris says:

    I’m post colon/rectal cancer survivor. The treatment (piggy backed chemo and radiation) caused ‘post radiation intestines syndrome ~ which is very much like IBS. Is there something I can do that will help this?


  2. Hi, Love the show…I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and was wondering if there was anything i can do to relief the pain and fatigue..I also have very bad allergies that cause me to have flu like symptoms for 2 days and asthma comes from this..the biggest problem is my rheumatoid which keeps me awake most nights with the pain..i am taking methotrexate and arava,so could you please advise what i can do,as i have been waiting for this segment and nothing has been spoken of with this chronic illness..
    thanks so much…sharyn.

  3. ann demichael says:

    Dear Dr. Oz, , I love you show, I am seventy three and every thinks that I am 55, what brand of pepperment tea should I buy,
    thanks ann

  4. tibby groves says:

    Hi Dr.oz.,
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. i missed your recent show on cancer..Is there someone where on your site that i could read about it. I’d love to know how I got it since i do not fall into the category for getting it.
    TTFN Tibby

  5. I don’t think people realize that Dr. Oz does not answer questions here. This is for comments. You will be disappointed if you are expecting answers.

  6. Piscine Jones says:

    I never have problems with constipation because Dr. Oz scares the crap out of me.

  7. Most of the time, I really enjoy this show. It’s given me tips and advice on things not related to me personally, but to others I know that it does.

    To stay on point…..I seem to have a very bad stomach. I haven’t gone to a GI yet. It makes me anxious because I don’t know if I really want to know what’s wrong with it, and I don’t like the idea of having a giant tube with a camera attached to the end, all the way down into my organ. Even though I KNOW I’ll be asleep for it, after I wake up, my throat is a slittle sore, and it’s scratchy but not itchy. Anyways, I was told that the capcaisin in cayenne pepper could help heal my stomach. there’s millions of websites dedicated to it, and everyone on them swears by it. I was so desperate for relief from pain and nausea that I was willing to do just about anything. One time, I was having stomach pain so bad, I tried to swallow some liquid orajel…..that didn’t go as planned lol. Then I talked to a couple friends of mine, and one said anything mint that isn’t loaded with sugar will help relax something in the stomach, i forget what she said. and the other two said they know someone who tried peppermint tea to ease the pain and it worked. So I bought some and decided to give it a try. I mean, other then dying from a severe allergic reaction, what would I have to lose, right? So I bought some peppermint tea, and started drinking it. Now, when I get queesy, I have a little mint tea, and I start feeling better shortly after. Just yesterday(12/6), my back was so stiff and achy. It felt like i was bent in half and stuffed into a chest overnight. I had a tall glass of my mint tea and had my son put some Bengay on me. Today, I bent over to pick something off the floor and I squeeled because I thought I was going to have a nasty stabbing pain. but all I felt was a bit of a tight muscle. I did a ton of research, and found out that what helps the most is the main ingredient/nutrient/vitamin/whatever it’s called lol, which is menthol. Ad menthol remedies have been around since like, ever practically.

    So I highly recommend getting some herbal teas and oils. Not just mint, but others that are known to have soothing, healing, calming abilities. We can all do with more herbal remedies, then getting pills jammed down our throats, especially if there’s an all natural remedy. It’s safer, tastes better, and most likely a hell of alot cheaper then some meds on the market. Plus, herbal’s have far less side effects then manufactered remedies. But I’m not saying all new age meds are bad, but that’s for another time lol

  8. fluffychenille says:

    You may want to add “Ginger Tea” to that Peppermint Tea. I make “ice tea” with 2 Peppermint, 2Spearmint, 2 Ginger, 1 Green Jasmine and a few regular black tea bags and I add a whole Lemon. I make a whole gallon of it….drink it daily. Peppermint is also good for constipation.

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