Dr Oz: Did I Just Have An Aneurysm? Aneurysm Vs Stroke Symptoms


Dr Oz: Did I Just Have An Aneurysm?

Dr Oz shared how to save a life for seizure victims and fainting. But there are more medical emergencies to prepare for. According to Doctor Oz, one in five people has an aneurysm in the brain that could burst anytime. About 60% of those are women. Since an aneurysm bursts every 18 minutes, you could be at risk without knowing it. Find out what to do in this type of emergency. Do you know the difference between an aneurysm vs stroke?



  1. Eva maxwell says

    What if you have already been told that you have a brain aneurysm,and three or four months later,the neurologist tells you that they can’t see it any more on the MrI or Ct scan,then what do you do?.And if you do not have any headaches,or other systems,does that mean it is no longer there?

  2. joyce mommy says

    too much advertising to get through before you can actually get the information. But the information is valuable. Great to remind people to call 911 and not drive or get driven to the hospital

  3. Maria Eugenia Sagot says

    My mother, who is 89, suddenly started to scrached her body because she says it itches. I have taken to three doctors and two dermatologists and all of them have said it is dry skin. I always almost bath her with creams and she does not feel any better. Sometimes she has little red blotches, with a little watery sustance on top that wiyhin few days dray. I do not know what else I can do, I have tryed expensive french creams and nothing, cheep generic creams and nothing, the last dermatologist that attended my mother prescribed Keri Lotion but the itches are there. Could this itches may be nervous? She has Parkinson too, controled but is there.
    Thank you for all your advices.


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