Dr Oz: Diet Destroyers: Wall Colors, Flowers, Candlelight & Glass Bowls

Doctor Oz gave a list of Diet Destroyers to help us while trying out Dr Oz’s Ultimate Summer Diet.  Do you know what is the best color to paint your dining room walls to promote dieting and not overeating?  People eat 1/3 less in rooms that are painted blue.  If you paint your dining room a warm color, like yellow or red, you will eat more – so warm colored dining rooms are Diet Destroyers!Diet Destroyers

Diet Destroyers:

Diet Destroyer #1: Should You Use Clear Serving Bowls or Opaque Serving Bowls?

Dr Oz said that glass serving bowls are Diet Destroyers!  Women ate 71% more food out of transparent containers because of the continual temptation.

Diet Destroyer #2: Flower Centerpieces or Fruit Tablescapes?

Doctor Oz said that flowers in the middle of your dining room table are diet destroyers.  If you put a bowl of fruit in the middle of the table, the scents from the fruits will make you eat less.

Diet Destroyer #3: Romantic Candles or Lamp?

Believe it or not, Dr Oz said that dim lights (like candlight) is a diet destroyer!  When you cannot see what you are eating, you eat more of it.  The brighter the room you eat in, the less you eat!



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